Libyan Regime Ultimatum to People

February 20, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Libyan regime’s heir – Muammar Gaddafi’s son appeared on national television to warn the people to relent or deal with more casualties emphasizing that they will be confronting Colonel Gaddafi.

The self-proclaimed unknown leader has generously provided 48 hours for the oppressed mass to respond to the ultimatum.

There is a serious misconception in this context as it is a common syndrome among despotic leaderships.

The people have conveyed their message loud and clear on their decision to end the 42 years of oppressive era.

If the Gaddafis’ were paying any attention to Egypt revolution they would realize that pro-democracy movement do not negotiate with dictatorships.

Any use of force or threat to unarmed civilians will not be tolerated and it would be the worst blunder for the regime and the influential powers behind them.

The embattled Libyan leaderships also implied that United States and European Union will not approve the political transition for economic interests.

Now it is entirely up to to the respective democratic models to step forward and exemplify their true position with condemnation in the serious political crises that has claimed more than 300 lives through merciless killings and not even sparing the mourners at the slain peaceful protesters’ funeral.

Gaddafi government is not the authority as witnessed in Egypt. The regime backers are the real threat to democracy. The travesty is the millions of innocent lives in Libya and elsewhere are pawned for oil profits and utilizing naval base to continue warfare.

The global powers behind this obstruction have no respect for life and they cannot possibly be representing a democratic society.

Otherwise the Libyan Army under Gaddafi’s direct authority would not be shooting peaceful and non-violent dissenters in cold blood without any remorse for the heinous crime against humanity.

The massacre takes place in world view and yet the global society is silent to the atrocity with the autocratic ruler dictating terms to the persecuted population on the indefinite status quo.

Hence the message for Muammar Gaddafi, immediate family including distant relatives and associates is – Honor the republic will and step down immediately with dignity. The 48 hours applies to their resignation from power and exile or face trial.

Again any further brutal attacks against the peaceful revolution would be counterproductive and completely unacceptable.

Meanwhile the revolution should prepare to take control of the television station, government buildings and the residential palace of the deposed leadership.

Good Luck! To the revolution for an inevitable victory. Please remember to pursue peace and non-violent approach in realizing your dream. You are about to make history in liberating yourselves from decades of political suppression and human rights violation.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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