Libya – Untimely Elections and Undesirable Outcome

July 6, 2012

By Padmini Arhant,

North African nation Libya is scheduled for first elections post Colonel Muammar Gaddafi era on July 7, 2012.

Libyan experience has cost many precious lives and led the country into turmoil with massive artillery entry that appears to have been pre-arranged for the burgeoning conflict.

NATO bombing following exchange between armed rebel factions and state authority together claimed many casualties estimated at 30,000 or more in the official figure and,

NATO intervention aftermath apparently producing more death and destruction facilitated by ammunitions in militia possession.

National Transitional Council headed by western powers nominee Libyan American Premier Abdel Rahim al-Keib elected with majority NTC votes reportedly arrived after 32 years away from the country to assume office.

Elections held amid chaos and mayhem synonymous to Egypt and Yemen deprives electorate a fair understanding of political manifestoes and candidacies representing various platforms or the lack thereof especially with Libyans heading to the polls after more than four decades of the predecessor rule.

With Yemen, the Vice President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Al-Habdi of the regime under former President Ali Abdullah Saleh – U.S. ally was the only candidate in the so-called national election hailed by key western players as transition to democracy.

In Egypt, the elections during fierce crackdown by U.S. aided SCAF (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) inhibiting secular moderates participation considering immense bloodshed from all walks of life since revolution for political freedom resulted in fundamentalism victory with military remaining the ultimate power.

The trepidation amongst Egypt mainstream and minority understandably related to status quo with U.S. educated and sponsored President Mohammed Morsi administration expected to deliver at the domestic and regional front.

Libyan society being unique with tribal and diverse sects co-existence now threatened by foreign infiltration for control over national resources through potential partitioning in order to gain easier access and monopolization.

Justice and Constructions Party introduced in Libya supposedly Egypt Muslim Brotherhood political wing campaigning under National Alliances Party regarded the main contender against token contestants in the political race reflects limited public awareness combined with unfamiliarity on candidates’ stance and preparedness to tackle daunting tasks ahead.

Libya is confronted with serious security and political instability crisis demanding priority in eliminating foreign intrusions in every aspect from launching proxy governments to weapons supply for vested interests.

Citizens in Libya have the opportunity to come forward in unity adopting only peaceful non-violent methods to drive the elements proved disastrous for the nation and form the state of the masses with direct involvement constituting Libyan participatory governance.

The process will be elaborated in a separate presentation.

Any election engineered by external sources directed at demarcations evidently leads to sectarianism and perpetual confrontation within society hindering progress viz.Iraq, Afghanistan and recent destabilization maneuvers in Pakistan.

Libyan people betrayed in the last year magnified civil war primarily with media propaganda and military strategy such as –

The mercenaries imported into Libyan provinces and subsequently escalating violence via heavy disproportionate NATO bombardment under humanitarian pretext exacerbated human toll and infrastructure demolition.

Hence, Libyans are urged to end internal fighting preventing outbreak of clashes that would only embolden hegemonic establishment via heads of the state appointments exclusively serving the imperialistic quest.

People in Libya need not be compelled into situation with undesirable outcome witnessed in Egypt, Yemen or any other Islamic nation.

The democratic function embedded with choices would enable electorate discretion for reconstruction of embattled nation and society proceeding on the path of solidarity, pluralistic concept that guarantees individual rights and political freedom to all while retaining national sovereignty.

Wishing Libyan citizens liberty from subjugation and unsavory influences with commitment to protect territorial integrity and national endowments meant for the republic barring reservations to the privileged inside and outside the domain.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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