Libya – NATO War Crimes and Political Turmoil

June 10, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Arab Spring originated in Tunisia and inspired Egypt to rise against tyranny i.e. decades of oppression and persecution by dictatorial governments regarded strong western partners for strategic reasons in the region.

Initially Arab Spring were peaceful and non-violent until state crackdown using excess force occurred and the situation then onwards escalated from bad to worse in these two nations and,

In Egypt the uprising protracted until today against United States supported military power SCAF (Supreme Council for Armed Forces) with generous military aid worth $1.3 billion funded by American taxpayers while being forced to accept austerity amid economic recession.

When Arab Spring spread to Libya, the resistance again was calm and pledged to non-violence in the preliminary phase.

The western hired mercenaries and militias hijacked the uprising with western mainstream media assistance in their fraudulent claim that Libyan government organized air raids and relentless shelling in Benghazi and across the state.

The coordination amongst western communication media, military and political leaderships subverting truth to gain support for the pre-planned NATO intervention under humanitarian pretext caused many casualties and infrastructure demolition despite NATO assertion that attacks were targeted and precise rejecting ground reality.

Nevertheless, none held accountable and no investigation conducted on NATO war crimes in Libya with UNSC focused on yet another western mission replicating Libyan catastrophe in Syria premised on regime change for political destabilization enabling further advantage to prolong regional warfare.

As a result, Libya is in mayhem with lawlessness having become law of the nation run by NATO appointed government involved in human rights violation according to independent investigative journalists on post NATO operation assessment in Libya.

Ironically the predecessor was accused of similar atrocity leading to the assassination in public square – an undemocratic precedence in the so-called democratization pursuit.

Libyan leadership under Colonel Gaddafi folly trusting and heeding western power advice led to the violent end.

The incumbent National Transition Council in Libya apparently comprising U.S. State department selected individuals with western ties treading in the direction of chaos,

Notwithstanding armed militias on one side and fragmented tribal groups pledged allegiance to the former regime at the other end is a perfect scenario to declare the state beyond governance creating opportunity for foreign power to rein control over national oil reserves and even more lucrative source – water in the Arabian desert.

Hence Libyan revolutionists engaged in non-violence seeking political rights at the beginning prior to western intrusion must come forward and regain control from NATO and United States authorized council obviously not serving in national or public interest.

There is no functioning government to monitor deteriorating situation and instead the authority exacerbating crises with worst humanitarian crimes against previous government loyalists as well as those not in agreement with the status quo.

Libyan cities disarmament is absolutely vital to maintain law and order along with terror networks deterrence trained to continue upheaval in Libya expanding insurgency into Syria.

The citizens in Libya coming together in solidarity setting their various differences aside and consolidating efforts to form a government representing them regardless of identity and ideology important to regain sovereignty and political stability.

The youth participation in political system having shed blood in the earlier demonstration would facilitate meaningful democracy preparing the nation for constitutional reform, elections and Parliament without any foreign power influence evidently disastrous for the country.

Libyan citizens are urged not to accept violence as the way of life and renounce militancy against own population and neighboring state like Syria.

The rebels are pawns used by those capitalizing on the political unrest and puppet leaderships usually abandoned leaving them to meet their fate as witnessed in Egypt with ex-President Hosni Mubarak and many so-called close allies in the past and present.

The trend is a reminder to governments and leaderships surrendering national sovereignty to foreign regency against public will.

Not to mention the reflection on the heads of state lack of integrity and credibility to remain in power.

Libya could no longer perpetuate internal disturbance that has already produced loss of innocent lives with real beneficiaries being the weapon industry and organization such as NATO with highly questionable and objectionable motive.

Upon evaluating NATO trajectory thus far with drones over Afghanistan, Pakistan and indiscriminate bombings in Libya with no remorse or recognition of any wrongdoings,

It would be fair to call for NATO dismantling and termination to protect life and environment.

Unfortunately, the western powers through NATO following United States pose major threat to humanity due to massive blood in their hands and unnecessary interference to derail democratic process and/or governments across the world.

Therefore, it is obligatory on the citizens in the United States and NATO countries to end the systemic abuse of power demonstrated in the current events world wide – the Middle East and Islamic nations in particular.

Libyan freedom struggle would be over only after the establishment of people choice government unlike the contemporary setting maneuvered by hegemony from overseas base.

People in Libya assuming responsibility as patriotic duty in shaping their country’s future prohibiting detrimental instigation from abroad would determine their destiny.

Wishing eternal peace, political and economic progress to republic of Libya.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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