Libya Liberation By Revolution!

February 21, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Libyan revolution prevails over four decades of repression!

Libyan peace and non-violent movement are requested to assume the civic responsibility in restoring law and order. The national security personnel is to take control of the situation.

It is absolutely important to prevent any civil war scenario for that would be detrimental to the birth of democracy.

Meanwhile the remnant members from Gaddafi family and political party should refrain from any attempt to instigate violence or inflict attacks against unarmed civilians in the transitionary period.

They are advised to leave the nation for their own safety and in republic interest.

Libya’s national defense should guard the borders and monitor the overall security.

Please note the military is only to provide public and national protection without any political intervention.

The political parties representing the people rather than the deposed regime are to convene now for an emergency caretaker government per the constitution.

Soon after maintaining political stability – the nation could prepare for a general election. However the urgent priority is to address the nation on the latest development and seek the popular consent to nominate a political structure agreeable to the entire society for governance.

Revolution leaders committed to peace and non-violence responsible for liberating the nation from 42 years of oppression should play a prominent role in the political system to insure that a democratic government is set up effective immediately for political and economic stability.

Celebrating newly attained political freedom is natural nonetheless avoiding clashes and tensions within society is equally paramount.

Any social unrest and anarchy should be restrained by the law enforcement authority.

The republic rule is to commence from now onwards implementing democratic principles vowed to solidarity, secularism, peace within and outside the country and a functional government with elected representatives pledged to serve the people across the nation.

Congratulations! To the brave patriots of Libya and the martyrs for their sacrifice in the independence of the great nation.

Best Wishes and Good Luck! To fellow citizens in Libya for a glorious beginning with abundant peace and prosperity for all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

P.S. Will remain alert and continue to review the political changes in Libya.


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