Libya – Invasion for Regime Change

July 2, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The North African nation grossly violated under extreme media hype in the United States and abroad including online reporting among leading news organizations and networks as well as U.S. State Department stating people in Libya were attacked on the ground accompanied by aerial bombings in eastern city Benghazi and north western Misrata by predecessor Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

The mainstream touted as ‘the most trusted news network’ and catchphrase such as “keeping them honest” aided by visual footages labeled ‘live’ relentlessly aired citizens call for intervention analogous to repeat production on Syria only to be discovered as choreographed events with the latter in the effort to advance pre-medidated regime change strategy.

Similar tactics have been used in the past and twice against Iraq – in 1990 using the daughter of Kuwaiti Ambassador to United States as the victim to convince congress and later in 2003 – the exaggerated claim was Iraq directly responsible for 9/11 and posed nuclear threat to the United States – allegations proved to be false.

Above all, the pretext to wage war against Afghanistan unfolded with facts, experts testimony and several eye witness accounts on the myths surrounding methodical and sophisticated terror assault on American soil that catapulted invasion, occupation and drone strikes against Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, lately Libya and Syria meticulously following the Charter – Project for New American Century / PNAC.

All these revelations came to light more recently than before with necessity for scrutiny given the political power and media collusion to promote military pursuit.

Moreover, transparency and accountability regarded inconvenient in the contemporary era with political powers spending tax payer funds in intercepting and doctoring you tube videos to discredit courageous presenters besides shielding information vital for public knowledge under classified banner.

Evidently, truth is always the first casualty in war.

Nevertheless, in Libya consistent requests and pleas for non-violent and peaceful actions were deliberately ignored by arming rebels intensifying situation leading to confrontation between the state and militias weaponized by western and Arab league to achieve the long desired goal – fragmentation of society.

Again recommendations on rebel forces disarmament to initiate dialogue with state authority rejected subverting ground reality through national and international media propaganda creating the urgency for UNSC resolution to intervene in Libya.

Not surprisingly the scenario reenacted in Syria – Déjà vu in this regard.

The UNSC mandate was also abused escalating NATO shelling and transforming the conflict into brutal attack targeting civilians despite several warnings from them indicating their identity with white flags that contributed to a staggering death toll approximately 30,000 or more in the official data.

There was a press release on Colonel Muammar Gaddafi having sought exile in Venezuela citing British foreign secretary William Hague disclosure.

Subsequently the air raids began misusing UNSC approval pursuing Libyan leadership and family rather than providing humanitarian relief to citizens caught in crossfire.

Not to mention the U.S. executive power slight for congressional and human rights activists’ dissent on Libyan bombardment.

Libya like Iraq decimated with western choice governance in place – National Transitional Council headed by Mustafa Abdel Jalil from former government and,

Interestingly, NTC overwhelmingly elected western nominee as Libya’s New Premier – Abdurrahim-el-Keib – Libyan American academic and reportedly liaised for number of energy companies returned to Libya after 32 years away from the country to assume office.

Apparently the Prime Minister elected within National Transitional Council was selected by western powers and oligarchy during toppling process to coordinate with NTC from overseas.

The reports in this context are emerging in conjunction to evolving political conditions in Libya upon extensive research not easily available to international community.

These developments along with U.S.State department admissions on Libyan operation under the guise of humanitarian relief vehemently suggestive of ill-conceived agenda devised well ahead of time to gain access to Libyan oil resource.

Unfortunately, the media and print press not barring Internet materials extensively projected alleged state atrocities to advance military aggression.

In a rare acknowledgment, BBC reported to have accepted anomalies with a statement –

“BBC journalists got carried away on Libyan revolution” – reflecting objectivity and rationality no longer upheld in the modern journalistic standard compromising human lives and millions future.

With the exception of ethical investigative journalism challenged at every opportunity not excluding death threats, assassination attempts and harassment in daily life,

The precedence is eager to appease establishments and elites in the fierce competition to secure top rating and commercial advantage.

From search engines to news outlets synonymous information about Libyan revolution enduring alleged state inflicted violence was the major topic of discussion especially Libyan chaos erupting in succession to Tunisia and Egypt with victims plight genuine over there considering the respective governments use of force as strong western allies and accordingly defended until the end.

Another complexity surfacing from Arab Spring exploitation in the Middle East is western backing of fundamentalism to power via Muslim Brotherhood.

The western ideology in the Middle East is population control denying democracy and meaningful progress to assert authoritarianism via proxy leadership earlier in the form of dictatorships and now Islamists groups dangerously rising to power through covert western support.

It is noteworthy these Islamists groups principles or in the extreme example Taliibanization in Afghanistan are conflicting to the religion of Islam that represents peace, women’ rights and freedom for all.

Sadly, religion is maneuvered and used as political tool for human greed and monopolization.

Across Middle East – wherever western belligerence occurred whether Iraq or Libya – the national status in terms of public education including universities for women, health, housing and essential goods and services were all available and far superior than western status quo.

Post western demolition in these countries – the illiteracy rate in Iraq supposedly 40% among children unable to attend schools due to perpetual warfare and likewise Libya having maintained highest standards in all these areas compared with nations in North Africa and Middle East set to decline under western management.

Muslim Brotherhood elected to office in Egypt as the voice of revolution even though they were nowhere near the struggle when ordinary citizens across the spectrum sacrificed their lives to overthrow western ally and autocracy from rule.

Saudi Arabia cozying up to Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt with magnanimous contribution of $1 billion funded by Islamic Development Bank (IDB) purportedly for food distribution and education also aimed at Saudi style governance – deprivation of human rights and social equality.

The virus interjected into Libya – the secular and moderate Libyan society on the verge of regression with Justice and Construction party – recognized as Muslim Brotherhood political wing boosted by western powers in the upcoming elections in Libya.

Syria infiltrated with CIA and Turkey facilitated Egypt Muslim Brotherhood factions demanding majority representation in Syrian Parliament at Turkish government behest – antithetical to Turkey hailed only democratic Islamic state in the region.

Summarizing the western influenced and directed political fiascos in Middle East replicated elsewhere – the lack of proper understanding and respect for uniqueness in culture, civilizations, traditions and values in different parts of the world and Middle East in particular among architects of western policy and think tanks behind selective regime change predominantly attributed to current mayhem and destruction.

The western involvement categorically reveals economic and strategic interests usurping to power through military might paving way for radicalism combating the source benefiting the defense, energy and finance industry and the remaining fantasizing global dominance.

Any objectives to undermine liberty, economic prosperity and social justice in Middle East and world over by enforcing paradoxical paradigms doomed for failure.

Middle East peace and political reforms enabled by people within society holding talks and negotiations with political leaderships adopting non-violent methods in the absence of western intrusions would expedite real change and democracy characteristic to demographic modality and political landscape.

On the optimistic note, wishing success to people power in realizing political aspirations to en masse satisfaction across the globe.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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