Libya – NATO Operation and Libyan Revolution Goal

March 26, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

In the latest development on Libya – NATO under Supreme Commander – U.S. Navy Admiral James Stavridis is expected to oversee the military operation involving ‘No Fly Zone,’ and Arms embargo to protect civilians from pro-Gaddafi attacks.

Further the U.S. military Command defined the objectives limited to degrading regime’s air force and air defense capability with no interference in dismissal from power.

Upon media request for clarification on the military position being different from President Barack Obama’s public statement in ending Gaddafi rule – the senior army official confirmed the military mission being executed by the President as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

The military intervention thus far is claimed to have prevented massacre in Benghazi and debilitated government air power.

These efforts are appreciative nonetheless there are disturbing reports regarding civilian deaths caused by Gaddafi loyalists visiting homes near Benghazi and other eastern fronts killing young men identified as protesters thereby revealing the prevalent brutality against the innocent mass.

If the military is directed at maintaining ‘No Fly Zone’ for civilian protection while leaving the terror mastermind Muammar Gaddafi in power then it is analogous to extinguishing fire without eliminating the source igniting the flames.

Besides the economic sanctions and diplomatic pressure considered towards removing Gaddafi from power is unlikely to be effective prolonging belligerent rule witnessed throughout Middle East.

On the contrary the dictatorial leadership is emboldened to rein control generating the false perception of invincibility common among despotic powers.

Success in Libya regardless of NATO or US operational management is directly linked to terminating Muammar Gaddafi’s forty two years of tyranny and oppression.

Allowing the republic-deposed leader to continue with ongoing violence unleashed to stop revolution from besieging Tripoli is counterproductive to the military assignment in desisting assaults.

The leader Muammar Gaddafi through mercenaries, security personnel and aerial bombings waged war against peaceful and non-violent Libyan demonstrators.

Now the U.S and coalition or NATO intention to accomplish conflict stalemate resulting in Gaddafi government in power that otherwise would have been successfully overthrown by the Libyan people in the absence of air attacks proves the misplaced support to the regime rather than the revolution.

Similarly the reports on possible arms supply to Libyan citizens as opposed to disarming Gaddafi is contradictory to the arms embargo stated to be in place not to mention the strategy exacerbating violence in the armed conflict.

Reiterating the earlier statement – Libya cannot be peaceful or considered legitimate with the head of the state having committed horrendous crimes against humanity restored to power in the wake of containing civilian onslaught.

Although the world is immune to such leaderships given the status quo, foreign powers’ tolerance or facilitating oppression through default is worse than domestic aggression that could potentially lead to yet another problem – enabling terror networks’ recruitment – the premise for perpetual global warfare.

United States being the major artillery provider based on statistics in the recent Libyan air strikes need to abandon course that could inherently aid the unpopular government under Muammar Gaddafi to extend rule with an inevitable violent resurgence.

Any sincere commitment to bring peace to Libya is directly linked to avoiding bloodshed and replacing authoritarianism with republic rule represented by the council established in Benghazi.

United States’ procrastination in recognizing the people power could be misunderstood as complicity to current autocratic rule and the latest revelation on coalition alleged unwillingness to cooperate with U.S. in unseating Gaddafi government despite the genocide in worldview deserves explanation to Libyan population for the bizarre stance.

Libyan war synopsis comprises the unnecessary dilemma with complacency to Muammar Gaddafi rule compromising military action meant to save civilians especially in the face of alternatives through judicial process to apprehend the authority and the perpetrators for systemic abuse of power in Libyan citizens annihilation since the anti-government rally began on February 17, 2011.

In the modern civilization inaction on atrocities and selective pursuit of organizations for International Criminal Court trial exemplified in Libya 2011and Lebanon 2010 respectively jeopardize the nations’ democratic values alongside credibility factor in delivering meaningful outcome through non-violent methods when resolving international crises.

Hence the repeat recommendation on Libya is to expedite the arrest warrant for Muammar Gaddafi and all the members engaged in relentless crimes targeted against domestic as well as foreign nationals showing no mercy or concern for life.

International Criminal Court purpose is to serve justice and the persecuted Libyans plight could not be ignored in this regard.

It is time for the rest of the world to renounce silence and rise to the occasion with peaceful, non-violent but potent measures rejecting governments and leaders responsible for human suffering not barring judicial proceedings in humanitarian matter.

Civil society significance is pronounced in adhering to standards beyond military solutions like honoring the local population plea for democratic rule of law.

Libyan national security cannot be guaranteed with Muammar Gaddafi and elements in power.

The biggest challenge for the people of any nation is treason by leaderships seeing no boundaries to retain power.

Natural events would precipitate the treacherous powers’ imminent expiry irrespective of the tactics to avert the new beginning on the horizon.

International solidarity with Libyan population displayed through instantaneous regime replacement by the people authorized council in Benghazi would prove the integrity in the rescue plan restricted to monitoring the standoff between Libyan democracy seekers and government resistance.

Libyan revolution will prevail upon the inevitable fall of the unscrupulous regime.

Best Wishes to all freedom fighters in the region determined to triumph over decadent powers.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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