Lebanon – Tripoli Unity And Peace Paramount For National Security

May 23, 2013

BY Padmini Arhant

The ongoing clashes in the neighborhoods of second largest city Tripoli in Lebanon has reportedly resulted in 14 deaths including 2 army soldiers during efforts to disperse the fighting groups and many injured in the altercation.

Neighborhoods Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen perpetual feud over Syria is senseless and serve none as revealed in the unnecessary death toll and destruction.

Any disagreements could always be exchanged in a civil manner through dialogue rather than adopting violent means to convey the message.

Bab al-Tabbaneh residents supporting western and gulf allies deployed terrorists against legitimate Syrian government perhaps are not well informed on ground reality involving atrocities committed by western and coalition sponsored terror networks against their fellow Muslims, Christians and other citizens in Syria.

With Tripoli close to Syrian border, the people living nearby towns and villages must be aware of heinous crimes by western and coalition sponsored terrorists roaming the streets in Syria and arbitrarily carrying out summary executions and massacre.

These terrorists could never represent any civilized population not only in Syria but also worldwide.

Unfortunately, there are always some elements in the community igniting sparks between two or more groups for personal benefits and satisfaction while consciously ignoring their irresponsible conduct flaring up chaos and casualty that could otherwise be avoided displaying maturity in dealing with social or political contentious issue.

Simultaneously, Jabal Mohsen stance favoring Syrian government could explore options to articulate Syrian crises to their neighbors in Bab al-Tabbaneh and others by inviting them to community reconciliation meeting for better understanding of events unfolding in Syria across the border.

Regardless of different stances maintained in the pro and anti-Syrian government political debate,

The citizens in Tripoli and across Lebanon must realize the proxy war in Syria is for regional dominance allowing Israel to establish as neo colonial power that is obviously not in Lebanon or regional interest in any stretch of imagination with Israel’s persistent violation of Lebanon air space and other activities already undermining Lebanese sovereignty in addition to threatening peace.

Notwithstanding Palestinian misery under Israel invasion and occupation over six decades or for that matter the declining status in the United States, Canada, Britain and France…prominently due to Israel’s direct control over political system and mass media.

As for western allies viz. the gulf states Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan and UAE marginalized in their role as western stooges in implementing agenda against an Arab state Syria.

Ironically the gulf states participation in the illegal invasion of Syria and unwillingness to terminate conflict is essentially expediting their turn as imminent targets in the neocolonial quest with Turkey having been deceptively subjugated through Patriot missiles installation and others like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan and Kuwait..in the form of permanent military base in their country.

The globalists and imperialists represented hegemony espousing Zionist ideology premised on greed and violence is endangering lives and liberty all around with an urgent requirement for deterrence to this effect.

Lebanon or any nation subjected to indefinite violence and confrontation from within or outside influence affects the region and eventually the entire world.

Hence Lebanon maintaining neutrality on Syria with tight border patrol restricting weapons and terrorists flow into Syria is the effective strategy to prevent spill over exacerbating local and humanitarian problem.

As such Lebanon has to focus on cabinet formation and arrive at pragmatic solutions on electoral law besides addressing economic and social issues prior to forthcoming national election.

Lebanon security is key to political stability in the country and no particular faction can possibly gain from instigating unrest in society.

Residents in Bab all-Tabbeneh and Jabal l Mohsen in Tripoli are urged to reconcile differences and end violence for peaceful co-existence.

Wishing residents in Tripoli and all over Lebanon tranquility and tolerance permeating across Middle East.

Peace to Lebanon!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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