Lebanon – Power Vacuum Threatens National Sovereignty And Stability

June 16, 2014

By Padmini Arhant

The Lebanese Parliament failure to elect President is a serious negligence of constitutional and legislative duty directly affecting governance and national security.

Lebanon constantly experiencing terror attacks and suicide bombings from Saudi Arabia backed Takfiri groups besides Israel’s reconnaissance including air strikes on key targets undermine sovereignty and stability.

Saudi Arabia, Israel and United States influence on political factions especially the March 14 alliance impede the latter responsibility towards constituents and national electorate.

The current stalling of parliamentary process in electing the President to lead the national defense force as well as presiding over government affairs endanger democratic system.

The choice for Presidential nominee premised on external sources preferences impact genuine representation required in a real democracy.

The continuous foreign interference through domestic political parties and other presence in disguise are reasons behind power vacuum and disruption in Lebanon’s governing body.

Lebanon political leaderships transcending partisanship and reservations could ease tensions and facilitate smooth operations necessary to address various issues confronting the nation at large.

The focus on stable government under strong and credible leadership barring intrusions from within and outside aimed at dysfunctional activities and discord for vested interests would reflect commitment to people and the country they are elected to serve regardless of ideology. 

The Lebanese constitutional requirement based on religious allocations on political appointments such as Maronite Christian for Presidency, Shiite Muslim as Parliament Speaker and Sunni Muslim to Prime Minister position could be reviewed for amendment changing the criteria to accommodate individual ability, performance and integrity rather than faith oriented protocol.

Most importantly every Parliament member demonstrating courage to protect sovereign right evidently violated by regional and foreign powers would confirm independence.

The persisting political stalemate in Lebanon is favorable to elements against national unity and diversity not to mention the status quo increasing vulnerability and uncertainty with implications on economy and social structure.

When politics ignores national priorities for respective doctrine and foreign instigated strategies the consequences are pervasive and compound problems in different dimension.

Lebanon political pledge to defend national borders and providing citizens safety is largely dependent on consolidated efforts with army and civilian authorities constructive role in preventing terror and foreign infiltration.

The March 8 coalition i.e. Hezbollah resistance to security breach in Lebanon and neighboring states alongside national defense forces thus far instrumental in safeguarding boundaries that otherwise compromised in covert deployment of agents and operatives to promote internal disturbance.

Lebanon past political turbulence has not been without economic ramifications affecting tourism and major sectors subsequently depriving ordinary citizens livelihoods in the competitive global economy.

Additionally, the Syrian conflict resulting in refugee influx into Lebanon and adjacent states increase economic burden and humanitarian crises in the region.

Lebanon future is at stake in the ongoing political gridlock on the Presidential candidate approval.

The parliamentary obligations in this regard could no longer be differed considering prevalent repercussions due to vacancy in the office of Presidency.

Hopefully political consensus would be arrived ending void with expeditious election of the commander-in-chief of Lebanon.

Good Luck! To Lebanon citizens across the spectrum for peaceful resolution moving forward towards national election in a timely manner.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant













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