Lebanon – EU Irrational Decision on Hezbollah Confirms Western Hypocrisy

July 22, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

EU foreign ministers decision blacklisting Lebanon’s popular resistance and democratically elected political party Hezbollah confirms the 28 member states subjugation to Zionism and hegemony adversarial demand.

European Union imminent collapse preceded by euro zone dissipation from economic woes deflected with United States and Israel’s acrimonious proposition against Hezbollah.

The unlawful and unethical stance lacking in merit and rationality isolate EU members along with Israel and United States from nations representing civilized world.

United States and Israel led coalition responsible for heinous crimes against humanity thus far justify global sanctions and indictments of those behind genocide in many nations relevantly in Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Mali, Bahrain, Egypt and Syria.

Notwithstanding human rights violation through espionage activity worldwide under controversial National Surveillance Act qualifies international rejection of politically motivated western proposals and resolutions targeting nations as well as organizations or groups such as Hezbollah defending lives and territorial integrity with due diligence unlike western powers hostile legacy.

Furthermore, EU compliance to Israel and United States egregious terms and conditions clarifies European states surrender of sovereignty and political will to hegemony despite counterproductive measure.

The fragile economies in Europe attributed to destructive policies is the tip of the iceberg combined with EU obedience to hegemony orders invalidate European nations independent status conspicuously maneuvered to suit external powers agenda – the state of Israel in particular.

Hezbollah in Lebanon is people choice representative dedicated to protecting citizens and national interests from forces engaged in self-defeating provocation and air space invasion with reconnaissance operation.

The initiatives to harm others witnessed in EU collusion with Israel and United States against Hezbollah would invariably affect the sources already in the process of degeneration leading to termination.

EU declaration imposing visa ban and freezing Hezbollah members assets would only exacerbate ailing European economy desperately in requirement of resurrection to avert colossal decline.

Europe survival and revival is entirely dependent on positive relations with nations across the globe renouncing undesirable and meaningless pursuits that would ultimately deliver outcome not necessarily in the origin’s favor.

However, the 28 nations that agreed to biased sanctions against Hezbollah could perhaps exercise individual discretion in repealing the hasty approach demonstrating sovereign position.

Best Wishes to Lebanon’s lighthouse – mass resistance movement Hezbollah and the nation at large in maintaining deterrence from known and unknown destinations.

Peace to Lebanon!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhatnt


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