Korean Peninsula – Peaceful Strategy Only Option to Defuse Crisis

April 4, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

United States having initiated massive troop deployment and nuclear capable B-52 and B-2 stealth bombers, F-22 fighter jets, USS McCain and Decatur naval missile destroyers and anti-missiles in Pacific Island of Guam…in Korean Peninsula,

Notwithstanding contentious illegal economic sanctions along with cyber attacks against North Korea contributed to current standoff and require unraveling with rationale and peaceful strategy.

The situation cannot be escalated any further having reached a crescendo and appropriately demand restraints on all sides to protect lives in the territory and offshore.

First and foremost, lifting unjustified trade embargo and financial restrictions are absolutely necessary to allow North Korean population normal existence.

The whole idea of constricting economies in unlawful and discriminatory sanctions by western powers with no western nation ever sanctioned despite past and present horrendous crimes against humanity exerts supremacy denying countries recognition on sovereignty, territorial integrity and citizens rights to self-determination.

Above all, United States led economic warfare via illegitimate sanctions against any nation is in gross violation of human rights considering slow and painful death inflicted on innocent victims enduring inhumane policy.

The rest of the world obediently following such arbitrary rules share equal responsibility in committing genocide rather than concerted action rejecting prejudice and injustice towards nations that are assumed fair targets in the increasingly hostile environment dominant with powers conforming to hierarchy.

Again having not experienced sanctions ramifications, those behind implementation are directly responsible for human suffering through isolation while exempting them from similar misery regardless of individual and collective trajectory.

Next course to scuttle growing tension with North Korea is U.S. withdrawal of marine and aviation incursion under the pretext of preparation to DPRK threats when Pyongyang reaction emanating from United States interference in reconciliation process between people of North and South Korea.

United States intrusion anywhere causing turmoil is to facilitate rival factions i.e. the so-called allies ammunitions supply not barring nuclear armed fighter jets favoring arms manufacturer in the military industrial complex while ignoring massive civilian casualties in the profiteering and power quest beyond control.

Due to this reckless involvement in sovereign nations internal affairs, the citizens in the victim nations are forced to bear the loss of their loved ones including severe damages to infrastructure not sparing hospitals, schools, universities, church, mosques and public buildings along side destruction of private property leaving millions as refugees witnessed in Syria and Mali repeating Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen scenario.

Simultaneously, Americans, Britons and other natioals in western society are enforced with austerity resulting in domestic self-immolations and starvation due to fund allocation for sponsoring terrorism in Syria and warfare in Mali killing thousands of children, women and men in the relentless crusade to satisfy oligarchy and imperialists aspirations for foreign resources and land.

Last but not the least, transcending destabilization motto is a necessity in the evolutionary paradigm.

Besides intelligence agencies – CIA, MOSSAD, MI5, MI6 and counterparts, embassy / high commission primarily setup for espionage in addition to ill-reputed United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to sabotage functional democratic system overseas contrary to the acronym claim.

The non-governmental organizations (NGO), certain religious authority plus centers and some false human rights groups are also partners in the mission discrediting genuine members and institutes dedicated to humanitarian service.

On the economic front, trade treaty viz. Free Trade Agreement (FTA), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), financial offers leading to economy insolvency from IMF, World Bank, ECB, and Federal Reserve…monetary proposals and mandatory loans to perpetuate banking fraud are predominant reasons behind prevalent gloom and doom expected to exacerbate origin and actual beneficiaries unlike taxpayers alone transformed into generational debtors under existing condition.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un declaration to boost economy is a positive step and reopening Kaesong industrial park generating income to DPRK and families on both sides would be prudent in expediting progress.

Restoring communication channels with South Korea and persistent peaceful negotiations are critical for both nations in national and republic interest.

United States honoring Korea’s sovereign rights in abstaining from counterproductive activities best suited to promote peace.

Best Wishes to citizens and leaderships in North and South Korea for successful peace accord leading to reunification.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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