Korean Peninsula – Peace and not War is the Solution to U.S. led Crisis

April 1, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

United States persistent military incursion in Korean Peninsula is a clear provocation.

The latest maneuvers premised on usual tactics – United States press and media complicity through deception and false propaganda is unnecessary and unaffordable in every aspect.

The notion that wars would revive U.S. economy is a myth considering the status quo attributed to the extravagant military expeditions involving illegal invasion, occupation and decimation of sovereign states around the world.

Notwithstanding phenomenal loss of lives and economic liabilities when American citizens are burdened with generational indebtedness while victim nations generations wiped out to serve hegemony goals disregarding prevalent cataclysmic outcome.

North Korea continues to endure United States military and nuclear threats with B-52 nuclear capable bombers flown all the way from Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri and F-22 Stealth fighter jets under the pretext of missile defense dispatched to South Korea.

The situation further aggravated in moving USS Fitzgerald guided missile-destroyer closer to beleaguered state.

These military activities are carried out over and above crippling economic and financial sanctions, cyber attacks and various provocative actions thus far.

United States deliberate and antagonistic measures against North Korea are counterproductive and best abandoned with complete withdrawal of U.S. presence from the region and world over.

In fact, United States sprawling military bases and sponsoring terrorism primarily responsible for violence and turmoil across the globe.

United States offer to protect South Korea against U.S. instigated warfare is a cliché and reminiscent of 9/11 attack with United States military, intelligence and political establishment collusion to perpetuate terror on Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Syria and now towards North Korea.

American taxpayers issued a blank check (cheque) on Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

The combined operations cost them multi trillion dollars skyrocketing national debt and ever since billions are expended in pursuing hegemony agenda depriving United States population normal existence with a staggering fifty five millions on food stamps, significant number of people rendered homeless and dependent on charity.

Again the misplaced priority to consume lives rather than saving them with divestments from militarism into United States economy improving joblessness, infrastructure, health care, education, housing, environment and addressing rising poverty confirms political decisions on war policy reject American plight for Imperialistic aspiration.

United States renouncing violent pursuits would perhaps provide the world opportunity to focus on pervasive national development instead of substantial military spending draining respective states treasury for death and destruction.

U.S. belligerence enforce disproportionate defense budget allocations on developing and developed nations to benefit arms manufacturer, banking and energy industry denying growth in other areas of economic sector essential for survival.

American public demand that government invest resources on economy and national issues over aggression against foreign nations critical in dealing with economic woes and precarious future.

In the Korean issue, United States engagement with North Korea is uncalled for and allowing North and South Korea to reconcile differences would de-escalate tensions in the territory.

North and South Korea are quite capable of resolving the matter with United States non-interference that only exacerbates the problem.

United States war rhetoric is not helpful in the otherwise preventable confrontation.

Nuclear options contemplation is reckless and catastrophic to the region and the world at large.

Political discourse, diplomacy and peaceful negotiations are the only means for reconciliation between North and South Korea.

Any nation in opposition to peace and dialogue misrepresent sovereign and republic status.

United States refrainment from military course and respect for life, national sovereignty as well as rights to self-determination of independent nations is the viable approach to defend national and global security.

The leaderships of North Korea and South Korea are urged to pledge to peaceful settlement to safeguard Korean interests, freedom and national identity.

Wishing the leaders and people of North and South Korea permanent peace and successful reunification.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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