Judgmental Proclivity

April 25, 2021

Judgmental Proclivity

Padmini Arhant

What could be harder and difficult between taming a wild animal and reasoning with the ignorant mind?

The wild animal behavior is in adaptation to the natural habitat i.e. wilderness with existence dependent on survival of the fittest. In the absence of any rules, they possess self-defense capability against predators to certain extent. When removed from native environment, the wild animal trained by anyone with genuine passion for animals having relevant expertise to tame them are proved responsive to discipline and gentle care. However, the best atmosphere is their original habitat – the jungle and open space designed by nature. 

Juxtaposed reasoning with ignorant mind among human species is way harder and sometimes even impossible. The task is tedious when the subject’s reasoning faculty turned off or in low setting resigned to set opinion on any issue. Otherwise, the ignorance stemming from presumptuousness is an uphill battle for them due to self-denial. 

The claim about an NRI – non-resident of Indian origin supposedly taken advantage of subsidized education from Indian University and settled in suburban home in the Western country contributing to western development sharing thoughts on Indian affairs is raised as objectionable. The mere sentiment clearly reflects the status of democracy undermined by self-defeating purpose.

Speaking on individual basis, the nuance from member of Indian political establishment, author and resident of India in this regard is unsubstantiated to begin with. The gross neglect of contribution made as Indian citizen and taxpayer in India more than adequately made up for any alleged subsidized education received whilst being Indian citizen. Thereafter, as NRI and foreign citizen the money received by Indian government in foreign currency enormously enhance foreign currency reserves and current account for Indian economy enabling crude oil imports and economic activities. In this respect, the foreign currency from NRI’s worldwide aid Indian governments generated trade deficit in light of imports exceeding exports in Indian economy. 

Again, the western development from NRI’s involvement in economic sector and other fields as citizens and resident of that country would only be expected as citizen or resident of that country. 

As a matter of fact, the irony in Indian political class mindset asserting as intellectual elites is the western economic development such as the Swiss economy for instance with no substantial commodities to trade other than Swiss cheese and chocolates though rivaled by neighbors France and Belgium in this context thrive from India’s wealthy and political class hoarding India’s national revenue and income in Swiss Bank accounts.

The illegal wealth amassment among the rich, famous and powerful depriving India of due national proceeds from tax evasion enrich western economy and other economies like Singapore far greater than NRI’s legal endowments to the respective country abroad. Indian citizens residing in India holding money in Swiss Banks, Singapore Hawala, Panama Gate, Seychelles and many tax havens world over except India hurting Indian nationals and the economy is a serious setback in any dimension compared to allegation on NRI enrichment of western nations. 

Notwithstanding the political class and the influential reaping life time benefits as permanent resident of sprawling government mansions and undeserving privileges at ordinary taxpayers expense in the country with deepening economic and social disparity yet maintaining India’s treasure in overseas bank accounts that ever remain unaccounted for is a major travesty.

In contrast, the NRI’s hard work and achievements overseas serving Indian elitism in India as free riders cashing in on personal progress and prosperity among the rich, famous and powerful. The least any reasonable member would do is express gratitude not attitude on this extraordinary gain at other’s expense. 

As for the articles and op-eds by nuanced NRI not making a difference in Indian society evidently false in the face of such comments arising from reading the posts published that may not necessarily be welcome knowing truth is never convenient in the domain manifested with predisposed convictions about anyone or any matter requiring open mind and tolerance to free speech and alternative honest opinion. 

Suffice to add the glass house is vulnerable to shattering upon stones cast from within as a reminder on the impact of judgmental proclivity. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




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