Israel, U.S. and EU vs. Iran involving Hormuz Strait

January 6, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The simmering tension between western powers (Israel, U.S. and E.U) and Iran leading to extensive military activities on both sides in the Persian Gulf is counter-productive with catastrophic consequences upon antagonistic engagement.

United States at Israel and neo-con behest maintaining pre-emptive war strategy is heading towards self-inflicting destructive mode although preventable at this point in time.

Furthermore, EU appeasement through compliance of U.S demands might boost military representation,

However, the entire operation would backfire on provocateurs blindside against opponents under nuclear standoff pretext.

Underestimating retaliatory capabilities and formidable powers potential overt or covert involvement to curtail protracted warfare is naiveté in the least and presumptuous at worst.

Iran nuclear power program initiated by bellicose rhetoric from Washington and allies since the beginning of twenty first century prominently exhibited during 2008 Presidential race confirmed the pre-meditated Middle East destabilization on the horizon.

The candidacies regardless vying for AIPAC and hegemony approval laid plans in unique style nonetheless converging on the common goal.

The sensational catchphrase ranging from –

‘Obliterate Iran with nuclear weapons’

“Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran” to,

Nuclear threat in “all options are on the table” – desperately pushed forward escalating Iran’s unambitious nuclear phase into future proliferation category.

Using the prototype – manufacture crisis for premise to implement policy aimed at regional dominance securing economic and strategic interest,

The lessons from wars are not heeded despite toll on life, economy and environment evident in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq…and proxy wars around the world.

Expecting different results from obsolete experiments is self-defeating indulgence at national and taxpayers detriment in dire economy.

The economic sanctions against Iran with latest imposition to prove tough stance for political scores impact Iran’s population strengthening nationalism against foreign persecution.

Not to mention the crippling economic measure fomenting anti-western sentiments in the genuine pro-western society.

Western eagerness and impatience to drive the world towards full-scale confrontation not barring nuclear exchange in the Iran conflict is extremism with serious repercussions and irreversible outcome especially for those advancing the agenda.

Contrary to the ideology – wars stimulate economy proved otherwise in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq…and military bases around the world.

The stakes are much higher for U.S, E.U. and the global economy.

Oil prices on the rise with Persian Gulf troop deployment triggering Iranian response –

Possible shut down of Hormuz strait – facilitating significant crude oil shipping worldwide is the tip of the iceberg in the brewing Mideast incursion.

U.S. and EU economic meltdown in the absence of result-oriented methods adopting aggression for deflection would exacerbate conditions with mounting debt, credit downgrade and severe austerity contributing to mainstream frustration against governments’ misplaced priority.

Israel – the catalyst in the beleaguered region applying pressure on the United States to strike Iran and U.S. procrastination challenged with Israel’s unilateral proposal isolates the U.S. ally – in defiance of international dissent against military action.

Besides, Israel as the largest U.S. monetary aid recipient irrespective of economic downturn depriving 99% average Americans normal existence could perhaps exercise restraint to alleviate debt burden on U.S. taxpayers ultimately footing the bill in the overwhelmingly opposed warfare based on mere speculation about Iran’s nuclear dilemma.

Globally – oil price increase from the Persian Gulf stalemate could adversely affect world economies – the industrialized and emerging economies in particular due to extraordinary energy consumption with the flip side necessitating the urgency on clean and natural source development.

Iran – the target in the ongoing military offense could avert the looming danger in adhering to transparency and accountability on uranium enrichment retaining non-nuclear proliferation treaty membership.

Meanwhile the U.S prolific arms trade to the region viz. Saudi Arabia estimated around $23 billion and expansive military presence in the Persian Gulf is antithesis to global citizens aspired peace and diplomacy in the politically oppressed and internationally controlled oil rich territory.

Neither United States nor EU as NATO partner can afford extravagant military pursuits in the Persian Gulf or anywhere given the declining economic reality.

Instead the western powers commitment in terminating ammunition supply including intelligence services refraining from toppling popular governments in Middle East and elsewhere would be a refreshing change ending violence in the world.

The illegal arms trade and defense industry contracts with repressive regimes have wiped out generations in the perpetual war zones and,

Western governments as democratic societies bear responsibility in troop withdrawal from around the world through legislative process diverting funds from relentless wars to domestic economy and nation building of the invaded lands.

U.S. military and NATO prolonged occupation in Middle East along with State department as well as intelligence agencies constant intervention in overseas government appointments undermine democratic system in the respective domain and subvert foreign national sovereignty.

Freedom is the natural right and free will determine political independence allowing republic governed democracy to prevail over burgeoning global supremacy.

Hormuz strait is the crucial supply route for international trade and commerce.  Any disruption would be a huge economic loss to all warring factions in the current international dispute.

The leaderships are urged to resolve issues through peaceful negotiations and abandon military options.

Wishing truce among embattled nations – Israel, U.S, EU and Iran with permanent resolutions on nuclear and economic matter.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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