Israel – Gaza Ceasefire Violation An Unnecessary Provocation

November 23, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Despite ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas following Israeli aggression against infants, teenagers and elderly citizens in Gaza that claimed 160 innocent lives and left many wounded per official figures with unofficial report yet to ascertain death toll underneath the rubble,

Israel military option is also responsible for five Israeli citizens demise and few residents hurt in Southern Israel during eight days air and sea assault on besieged Gaza.

Soon after ceasefire, Israeli forces proceeded with violent arrests of 55 Palestinian peaceful protesters in the occupied West Bank for non-violent participation to support their extended families in Gaza when Israeli shelling continued more than a week.

Israel’s latest attack resulting in Gaza casualty – a twenty one year old farmer killed while at least seven others injured is unnecessary provocation to Israel, United States and western allies detriment already reflected in declining economy and overwhelming condemnation for western status quo.

Evidently Israel and United States determination to pursue violence as the means to exert authoritarianism and superiority have no concern for their respective citizens safety or business sector prospects seriously affected due to regional and international community perception holding Israel and United States leaderships for state sponsored terrorism in direct violation of humanitarian law and civil standard.

The global response to rein in hegemony ideology posing imminent danger to all irrespective of identity is required more than ever.

Citizens from all walks of life could come forward and demonstrate solidarity in several ways such as – enforcing BDS movement against Israel.

Boycott Divestment Sanctions and extend stance towards western powers including Gulf allies fomenting killing of vulnerable citizens in Palestine, Israel, Syria, Bahrain, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Mali, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya…around the world.

Mexico – The drug war financed and fueled by United States through controversial ‘Fast and Furious’ program implicating U.S.Justice department has enormously suffered on economic and political front with nearly 50,000 lives lost and more reported on daily accounts devoid of world’s attention thus far.

Similarly, avoiding travel and on-line purchases related to consumer trade could have a dramatic effect on nations behind revoking peace accord.

Since existing international body viz. UNSC, ICC and other organizations are under hegemony control and influence granting impunity to perpetrators presumptuously proclaiming as the world authority to commit crimes against humanity,

The global society are burdened to restore peace and justice with personal involvement in declining goods and services essentially imposing trade embargo and effective measures regularly vetoed by offenders at the UN conforming to double standards on international matter.

Additionally, applying pressure on their governments to exercise sovereignty and denounce atrocity in Palestine, Bahrain, Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia and in the above mentioned nations by Israel, U.S., U.K. Canada, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan – the facilitators and financiers of warfare is paramount to end the escalation of terror world over.

The instigation promoting current unrest throughout Middle East, Pakistan, Latin America and Africa is to accomplish unattainable goals by hegemony in the face of deep economic recession.

Western power departure from dialogue and diplomacy with fascination for warfare and continuous bloodshed is counterproductive and exemplify misguided mission.

Notwithstanding reality in the alarming suicide rates among U.S. armed forces having exponentially risen in correlation to prolonged occupation in Afghanistan and military incursions in Persian Gulf and South China sea.

Irrationality overriding prudence and diligence precipitate inevitable multi-dimensional national crises given western powers misplaced priority on interference in foreign internal affairs exploited for destabilization.

Israel and United States in particular are urged to exercise restraint and refrainment from stoking unfavorable sentiments towards western strategy visible among significant majority with strong consumer power.

Ceasefire brokered in Egypt is an international treaty binding on all sides in respect for life and attempts to sabotage peace plan would reiterate western preference for turmoil and an invitation to self-disaster.

Global resistance beginning immediately with boycott and peaceful dissent to hegemony policy depriving humanity peaceful existence is imperative to reverse the outcome.

Gaza ceasefire monitored to maintain calmness crucial for survivors recovery from carnage and destruction in Israel’s bombing last week.

The recommendations at grassroots level intended to curb further hostility from Israel based on present breach of ceasefire.

Supernatural intervention is best averted in upholding ceasefire that could perhaps mitigate consistent loss of credibility.

With sincere condolences to Gaza victims and empathy to Israeli citizens held hostage in the election war,

Wishing long lasting peace to Palestine and Israel.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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