Israel and United States against Iran – World War III

January 20, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The covert war against Iran through crippling economic sanctions and nuclear scientists killings is an invitation for cataclysmic consequences in the pre-emptive mission.

Israel and United States provocation against Iran under nuclear program pretext is a premise to engage the world in confrontation possibly evolving into nuclear meltdown.

The masterminds behind potential global involvement refuse to recognize the magnitude of disaster in the fundamentally flawed strategy to attack Iran inciting international conflict.

Despite several warnings in opposition to belligerence in the volatile Middle East, the recent isolation of Iran is intimidation exacerbating population frustration and anxiety on looming warfare.

The taunting with various trade restrictions and financial flow disruptions towards Iran constitutes persecution of Iranian citizens in the misguided regime change agenda.

Obsession with Iran is fatal attraction for the provocateurs underestimating the irreversible outcome.

The nuclear states – Israel and United States intrusion in Iran via intelligence agencies CIA and Mossad to deter alleged Iranian advanced nuclear status based on speculations is counterproductive especially,

When IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) – western powers trusted organization has verified and reiterated Iran’s non-proliferation record in accordance with the accused NPT membership as non-nuclear state.

On the contrary both Israel and United States being nuclear nations are neither NPT (Non Proliferation Treaty) signatories nor maintained restraints in nuclear development.

Besides, the strike against Iran in any proportion directly endangers U.S. troop deployment in the Persian Gulf notwithstanding Hormuz strait shut down leading to energy crisis.

Unites States volunteering troop sacrifice for Israel’s misconception on Iran’s nuclear situation,

In addition to burdening U.S. taxpayers with war expenditure confirms misplaced preferences particularly in the backdrop of skyrocketing U.S. debt at  $15.3 trillion accompanied by escalated war spending juxtaposed severe austerity proposals on citizens life dependent programs.

Not to mention absence of revenue due to forbidden tax hikes on 1% wealthiest in the society and U.S. monetary aid continuation to affluent nations like Israel increases national deficit.

Ideology driven policy and protecting pentagon budget on protracted warfare is dominant in Washington.

Otherwise taxpayers funded Congress would not have tried prohibiting free speech with controversial SOPA and PIPA bills targeting truth and facts in public domain.

Electorate granted authority is used against them at their expense.

In a real democracy elected representatives would heed and not drown republic voice -prevalent in contemporary politics.

Expecting wars to stimulate economy and boost political rating is a misnomer considering Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan debacle.

Humility is revealed in learning from past and present mistakes unlike the status quo defiance in preventing imminent catastrophes from military and economic aggression against Iran.

United States imposed ban on EU crude oil imports from Iran would be devastating for fragile European economy amid euro zone crisis.

European and United States economic recovery with viable solutions is entirely dependent on checks and balances in foreign policy determining political and economic conditions from global perspective.

There are remedies to the political and military standoff between Israel and Iran.

First and foremost, lifting economic sanctions against Iran and retracting military position in Persian Gulf is imperative in easing tensions for multilateral meeting initiating constructive dialogue agreed to by Iran.

Upon creating conducive environment with mutual hospitality rather than hostility,

The prospects for peaceful negotiations could emerge with necessary trust and credibility in moving forward on many contentious issues concerning Israel and Iran.

Most importantly such exchange would categorically win public empathy on both sides alleviating legitimate trepidation from existing scenario – i.e. strike against Iran resulting in regional retaliation with Israel Mideast policy regarded more adversarial than perceived threats from Iran.

For any positive results – the negotiating partners and participants genuine commitment towards peace and diplomacy is required to defuse stalemate.

Mass movement engineered political transformations are authentic and democratic in nature contrasting foreign powers intervention with vested interests serving as spoilers evident in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen…and now in Iran.

Egypt military is allowed to remain in power with substantial U.S. military aid prolonging iron fist rule and elections proving to be farcical facilitating fundamentalists victory inevitably dissolved reinstating foreign power appointed dictatorial government.

Similarly in Libya – the peaceful and non-violent revolution converted into civil war with foreign powers candid endorsement of Gaddafi rule extended through hegemonic choice Saif Al Islam Gaddafi – still remaining the preferred candidate in reserve for possible return signified in the call for fair trial on war crimes against Saif Al Islam in spite of the heir apparent authorization and engagement in civilian massacre.

Meanwhile the U.S. State department primary contacts – non- revolutionary Libyan expatriates from western shores arrival in Libya enabled them in gaining power in the new government and ironically introduced Sharia Law – depriving meaningful democracy espousing political rights, economic progress and poignantly social equality.

The foreign power policy – Control over Middle East resources with proxy authoritarianism is intact.

Local revolutions without foreign powers clandestine complicity with autocratic regimes could be far more successful in achieving democracy.

Further more they would be a formidable challenge to hegemony nominated authorities in any political system.

Shifting focus on the brewing storm in Persian Gulf – The clear distinction between Iran and Iraq could perhaps motivate leaderships in refraining from military action and,

Instead pursue harmony in resolving the burgeoning security matter.

Abandoning untenable ambitions from all sides would save life and provide an opportunity for peaceful reconciliation in the embattled zone.

The immediate priority is improving the global economy and political freedom for the oppressed around the world with equal attention towards environment goals.

Conforming to democratic values and principles in policies would enunciate peace.

Wishing Israel, United States and Iran peaceful settlement on all issues.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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