Israel and U.S. War With Iran

January 31, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

United States latest plan improving bunker buster bombs effectiveness targeting Iran’s alleged nuclear facility is compliance with Israel’s pre-emptive strike preparedness to implement PNAC (Project for New American Century) agenda.

PNAC devised war with Iraq – A colossal setback squandering trillions of American taxpayer dollars and more than million lives lost including U.S. and coalition forces without Israel’s involvement in combat zone or logistic support is a harsh lesson in history.

Now eagerness to repeat same mistake against Iran is refusal to learn from previous experience especially by those hit with economic and human loss in waging wars on speculation.

News report stating Pentagon secret approach with Congress seeking additional funding $82 million for improvisation over and above $330 million already spent on 20 bombs production clearly invalidates democracy and,

Ignores public opinion calling for political attention towards deteriorating economy.

United States acute financial situation with skyrocketing debt and Congressional deadlocks on citizens’ matter as well as issues concerning national interest is once again misled by political aspirants drumbeat for war in the election year willfully obliging lobbyists like AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) demand to fulfill the ill-fated mission.

Since Project for New American Century is claimed as Zionist’s Magna Carta,

It is important to delineate Judaism from Zionism.  Unlike Zionism, Judaism is neither sanctimonious nor inculcates violence.

The religion in accordance with natural creation respects life and believes in freedom for self and others.

Unfortunately, Israel since establishment has been conquered by overzealous ideology to rise to supremacy in denying others the right to exist or have liberty.

Action until present time in justification for past century holocaust – indeed the Dark Age in human evolution cannot be inflicted on any living being in retribution.

Israel’s misrepresentation has deprived Israeli citizens to live in peace and harmony due to contracted outlook combined with determination to stay on course regardless of endless suffering from oppression and aggression towards neighbors in the region.

Peace within permeates peace around.

Middle East control via powerful energy industry and United States funded AIPAC foreign policy is proved detrimental to regional stability.

Harbingers presenting truth and facts fear none in the conviction to save humanity from peril.

Threatening peacemakers is a futile effort and confirms wrongdoers false sense of security based on presumptuous fallacy.

Israel’s position to inform United States merely twelve hours prior to potential attack against Iran despite dire consequences is kamikaze attempt considering Iran’s retaliatory capability,

Not to mention the stakes for United States with troop deployment in Persian Gulf.

Iran’s nuclear intention hype is overstretched along with heightened measures indicative of western intelligence information gathering –

CIA and Mossad in particular accused in Iran’s nuclear scientists killings pose a legitimate question on reliability given the same intelligence failure to avert 9/11 attacks in the United States.

The western intelligence proactive response ahead of September 11, 2001 could have saved many innocent lives besides preventing Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

On the contrary, the techniques against Iran – eliminating academics for alleged engagement in nuclear development is provocation to incite reaction.

With U.N inspection on Iran’s nuclear program underway, the unnecessary intrusion undermines sovereignty.

Such indulgence witnessed in Pakistan including covert operation to split Baluchistan, Sindh…provinces anticipating political turmoil.

The argument that Iran is an existential threat to Israel also deserves careful review in reality and hypothesis context.

If Iran were to harm Israel with nuclear arsenal on the presumption that Israel admittedly declared a ‘Jewish State,’

Then around 35,000 Jews in Iran with a Jewish representative in Iranian Parliament might not continue to thrive and the Iranian Jewish community would not have declined Israel’s citizenship offer with monetary incentive.

However, Israel’s treatment of Palestinians as Israeli nationals came to light with Israel’s Supreme Court decision not allowing Palestinians in Israel – the common law access to bring nucleus family by marriage from West bank or Gaza.

The Palestinian population as Israeli citizens are forced to endure the state imposed family separation in the only ‘democratic’ nation in Middle East.

Apart from the apparent discriminatory practices, the Israeli Palestinian dispute is well known with controversial Jewish settlements stalling the peace process forever.

Another reason for brewing tension with Iran is cited as ‘regime change’ per PNAC dossier.

Iranian citizens plight in terms of political freedom is no different from Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is also currently a dominant player in derailing Arab Spring initiated rise of democracy in Middle East to prolong repression in the national and regional domain.

While Saudi Arabia accepted as a close western ally, Iran projected the arch nemesis worthy of ‘obliteration’ among U.S. and Israel political circle.

The conspicuous western double standards in applying preferential status to authoritarianism functioning as monarchy and theocracy respectively exemplify divide and rule strategy.

Iran’s political dynamics was altered with western intervention in the overthrow of democratically elected popular government under Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh – the golden opportunity for widespread democracy in Middle East was thwarted through CIA operatives.

Sales pitch on war against Iran simulating Iraq scenario does not bode well for the architects with global dissent at peak and revolutions erupting in every part of the world rejecting governments’ misplaced priority i.e. unaffordable warfare neglecting dire economy.

The western dominance in Middle East is exerted through invasion, occupation provocation and subversion for economic and territorial conquest.

Ambitions to ignite the spark that would engulf the region are counterproductive.

Abandoning violence in pursuit of peace and diplomacy is the rational means to conflict resolutions.

Iran’s co-operation to U.N and IAEA inspection is praiseworthy.

Further transparency and accountability would defuse the lingering crisis.

Meanwhile, nuclear disarmament by all nuclear states beginning with United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Israel is the only assurance for secure future.

The ‘responsible’ nuclear state concept has resulted in nuclear proliferation rather than containment.

The hierarchy arguably leading to mistrust and apprehension in the era of violence promoted over peaceful negotiations.

Again lifting sanctions against Iran is paramount to alleviate economic and energy costs for average consumer worldwide.

Israel and United States patience with Iran amid U.N. inspection is necessary to demonstrate the democratic nations’ pledge to global peace and security.

Wishing peace and stability in Middle East and the world over.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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