Is Poverty Inherited or Imposed?

May 24, 2022

Is Poverty Inherited



Padmini Arhant

Is Poverty Inherited or Imposed?

There are different perceptions on poverty.

Poverty is often associated with social and economic background.

However, the question arise on generational poverty.

Why do some demography in society experience no social and economic progress over generations?

Who is to blame for the impoverishment of children dwelling in slums and shanty towns right beneath skyscrapers or high rise penthouse towers in metropolis of the world?

What causes many segments in society to remain poor, sick and hopeless in life?

Could this all be entirely the fault of individual, the family or the community they belong to leaving them in abject poverty with no changes in financial status?


Would it be fair to hold the political, economic and social systems responsible for endless misery among overwhelming population in the world?

What about the government and economic sector role or the lack thereof to alleviate poverty across the spectrum rather than selective population?

Should education, basic facilities like clean drinking water, food, electricity and health care centers be reaching the poorest of the poor in urban, rural and remote areas of the country worldwide?

Who should decide the fate of every citizen in a country that are generationally oppressed, persecuted and denied any rights over several decades?

Is the poor remaining poor and the middle class struggling to make ends meet regardless of two or three income providers in a family related to government failure on economic management like inflation, unemployment, food shortages, fuel pricesand gross negligence in addressing crises in country?

What about the notion – poverty and economic suffering are designed for exploitation of the economically disadvantaged to serve in the work force as employees, national army though increasingly utilized as political leaderships’ private army witnessed in foreign military interventions and above all meeting exclusive and fiduciary interests of those reining control from behind the scenes and upfront.

First and foremost, corruption and greed are the bedrock of evil in society and the world at large.

Systemic corruption in politics with pervasive impact on economy, communication media, education, social, religious and general society hinder growth and development across the regions of state and nation.

Lawlessness among those held above law in politics, economy, diverse media, social and religious domains shun transparency and accountability.

Wars with illegal invasion and occupation of sovereign nations directly related to inflicting poverty and social destruction leaving families with widows, orphaned children, permanently disabled father, brother or any earning members wounded and crippled for life in warfare. All of these situations lead to severe poverty and miserable economic conditions.

Last but not the least, selective powerful, influential and affluent members control over global affairs lacking in scrutiny and openness barring public access to information on policy, strategy and planning contribute to secrecy and hypocrisy.

The hypocrisy arising from the unlawful spying, snooping, 24/7 surveillance of private citizens life, space and privacy intrusion to name a few among many criminal indulgence, while collusion in secret locations restricting citizen press or public to participate in policy making on world issues and humanity at large is entitlement to them.

The worst is despite these members’ occupation of taxpayers expended accommodation which are typically the people’s house unlike the private citizen’s home fraudulently claimed as such, the public as taxpayers have to deal with the wrath of violence even leading to fatality when gunned down with 29 or more bullets exhausting the magazine on unarmed civilian in the alleged trespassing of the public funded national property i.e. government residence.

Accordingly, poverty is imposed and not always inherited over generations to maintain status quo.

Defeating corruption, abandoning discreet operations using taxpayers money and subjecting illegal activities and actions to the same rule of law is the initial step towards economic relief amongst population subjugated in extreme poverty.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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