Is God in Danger?

January 7, 2022

Is God in Danger?

Padmini Arhant

Update Jan 8, 2022 – The Indian media viz. India Today news debate titled ‘Who is to be blamed’ on the alleged security breach of BJP leadership and India’s PM in Bathinda, Punjab election rally.

The Indian media India Today host – Rajdeep Sardesai in the program reported the crowd gathered on the flyover where the VVIP convoy guarded with special protection guards and beefed up security were not protestors i.e. farmers in Punjab.

The program reports that they were in fact BJP supporters planted on the scene.”

The BJP ministers and those trending with the allegation on PM’s security breach are either oblivious   or resigned to selective politicized narrative on Punjab farmers and civilians gathering posed potential threat to PM’s layover on the overpass for 20 mins on that day.

The media account on BJP supporters brought over to the site near PM convoy creating unnecessary controversy to malign Punjab voters is apparently not politically convenient for the ruling party.

These reactions and activities are hardly surprising in the contentious political environment.

India’s incumbent PM’s political rallies since 2014 and until now are largely organized with mandatory public attendance.

The attendees especially the so-called Dalits and poorer sections in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan and all over India are brought to the rally venue by force beating them using brute force and intimidation that are well documented and available in public domain.

Accordingly, the BJP supporters presence on the flyover near PM’s convoy and not Punjab farmers or ordinary folks in Punjab as purported by BJP rank and file as well as cabinet ministers adopting appeasement strategy resonate with BJP’s routine policy. 

Padmini Arhant 


Something is not right in the Hindutva system, New Delhi, India. 

The self-proclaimed God claim to have emerged from Kedarnath cave in what was constitutionally designed as SECULAR INDIA ominously transformed into rabid ideological fundamentalist political governance in New Delhi, India apparently in grave danger. 

The presumptuous God as the head of the government crying foul over alleged security lapse in the northern state Punjab amid heavily contested election campaign unravel two important things among other issues. 

The self-declared God ironically tainted with communal riots and minority cleansing legacy continued until today should have experienced premonition on any forthcoming life endangering incident to self and others well ahead of time. 

In that respect, the travel plan could have been cancelled thwarting the much propagated endangerment to life of the so-called God aka the political head of the nation. 

Another being, the political figure touted God could have fearlessly engaged with the frustrated farmers crowd branded protestors and alleged assassins without blowing the matter out of proportion in the election season. 

Again, those habitual of recycling failed strategy continue to expect different results regardless proving  stupidity as permanent mantra. 

On August 30, 2018 there was a similar propaganda on the alleged assassination of God designated as the nation’s chief leadership in New Delhi, India.

At that time utilizing the insidious policy, the central government deployed crony sycophantic media accused the government’s targeted individuals such as human rights activists, authors, writers and environmentalists among civil society advocacy groups as potential assassins. These civil society members were arbitrarily detained denying them habeas corpus with many held in undisclosed detentions till today is the reality. 

The hullabaloo over the politically anointed God’s life threatened by farmers and disenchanted citizens gathering in a reasonably distant area away from the VVIP’s convoy in Punjab disrobe the self-canonized God’s image. 

The ground situation in the entire charade confirm the citizens as electorate in Punjab declining the ruling national party chief’s visit for electoral gains rather than acknowledgment of dismal performance in resolving farmers grievances, mishandling of the surging pandemic and severe economic crises affecting population across the spectrum nationwide. 

The real God would have prior knowledge about any ill-omen individually or collectively and act accordingly without hue and cry witnessed at present. The theatrics conclusively verify political opportunism. 

The repeat episodes from 2018 and now in 2021 categorically corroborate assassination of facts and status quo rejecting asserted political expediency. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 


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