Iran – JCPOA Pros and Cons

August 3, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action reached between P5+1 and the Islamic State of Iran is promoted with vigor alongside conflicting statements from both sides about the agreement.

Iran is claiming to have achieved key objectives:

  1. All sanctions imposed on Iran thus far would be lifted upon respective legislative branches approval of JCPOA releasing the nation from economic embargo.
  1. Iran retains nuclear rights intended for nuclear energy programs with no intention towards nuclear weapons status.

United States adopting Russia drafted JCPOA plan confirmed by U.S. President Barack Obama contradict Iran’s position with clauses in JCPOA passed by UNSC resolution.

       Iran’s sanctions will technically remain with snap back alternative in place upon Iran’s default on nuclear enhancement.

P5+1 has offered to lift sanctions while leaving reversal option intact in the deal with UNSC singular veto creating mistrust against Iran instead of unconditional and irreversible action on embargo removal.

       Additionally, P5+1 has implicitly declared Iran a nuclear state in recognition of Iran’s nuclear rights for civilian purpose and used the platform to justify lingering sanctions for ten years with extension by another five years nearing the ten-year term expiry.

Evidently Iran and P5+1 share mutual concerns over members not honoring the pact and accordingly maintain buffer zone in response to breach of contract from either side.

Iran could accelerate nuclear activity resulting from P5+1 non-adherence to sanctions elimination.

Simultaneously, United States and Russia led P5+1 reverting to trade and financial restrictions on any suspicion of Iran’s nuclear ambition explicitly included in UNSC endorsed JCPOA.

The executive branch division – the defense secretary rhetoric warning Iran on military action and similar reaction from the U.S. President Barack Obama in recent interview add confusion to JCPOA bid.

JCPOA would be credible in the absence of prolonged sanctions against Iran that was illegal to begin with considering there were no plausible developments in Iran’s nuclear engagement.

In case, the imposition is to restrain Iran from achieving nuclear goals the current disposition creates such opportunity in response to western incorrigible strategy.

Not barring P5+1 and ally Israel’s continuous nuclear proliferation and threats endangering life and planet survival.

Again P5+1 despite significant nuclear stockpiles in possession unrelenting to denuclearization and abusing veto power at UNSC exclusive club using sanctions and military intervention as means to target nations for economic gains and strategic dominance need to qualify as a reasonable and trustworthy partner in any negotiations with rest of the world.

Upon self-disarmament, P5+1 could be regarded fair and reasonable with demand on others to renounce nuclear aspirations for a nuclear free world.

The unipolar system comprising P5+1 and EU are primarily responsible for global economic, political, social and environmental problems with nuclear and military might exacerbating human suffering.

The acknowledgment to this effect amongst P5+1 and EU is necessary and could be the precursor for global peace, progress and security.

Syria under international attack with P5+1 and EU leading members together with allies sponsoring terrorism is experiencing worst genocide with no end in sight.

The terror sponsors having utilized various tactics ranging from deploying nuclear components to chemical weapons in five years long battle forced Syria to surrender biological inventory and now preparing to enforce no fly zone aimed at stripping the embattled nation of any defense mechanism.

United States and allies involvement in Syria and elsewhere verifies track record that heavily weighs down on JCPOA.

When determining pros and cons of JCPOA, diplomacy is arguably better than confrontational pursuit and concurrently genuine outcome with terms applicable to all offenders on nuclear treaty rather than isolation method would be convincing and acceptable.

Until then, JCPOA serve as an experimental phase on diplomacy maintaining status quo with respect to sanctions and nuclear rights.

P5+1 and allies disinheritance of nuclear arms could no longer be evaded and required to free the world from nuclear menace.

Strong political will and commitment would guarantee success saving humanity from imminent peril with persisting nuclear arms race amongst P5+1 and EU besides aggressive policy.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
















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