Iran – EU Sanctions and Oil Embargo

January 25, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

European Union compliance to Israel’s proposal on oil embargo against Iran is a huge economic misstep for everyone involved especially Europe tethering on Central Banks capital infusion in the austerity era triggering population uprising against governments’ misplaced priority and erroneous policies hurting the public.

Every action has equal and opposite reaction.

U.S. and EU amenability to Israel’s far-fetched aspirations in the Middle East and western powers ambitions beyond Iran is detrimental for global economy and security.

Although U.S and EU imposed crippling sanctions against Iran at Israel’s behest might appear to strangle Iran’s economy,

The net impact on oil dependent industrialized western economies would be devastating regardless of alternative arrangements to import oil from other producers –

The course is already contributing to crude oil price increase with ripple effects on the end consumer.

Notwithstanding the emerging economies – BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa along with other players in Asia, Latin America and Africa would be competing with western counterparts on oil imports when Iran removed from supply chain.

Developing economies are struggling to cope with widespread recession partly attributed to financial markets speculative practices particularly the U.S finance and energy sectors major role leading to the status quo.

Again emerging economies dilemma in containing inflation could be exacerbated with energy demand pushing prices up pervasively on consumer goods and services in the market place,

While the outlined repercussions are economy related, the political ramifications cannot be ignored.

Arab Spring in the Middle East is currently exploited for political advantage in the west.

The revolutions having sacrificed precious lives in the initially peaceful and non-violent protests turned into civil war utilizing ammunition stockpiles originally delivered by defense industries in the armed confrontation.

Saudi Arabia and Iraq – The Arab nations expected to produce Iran’s share of crude oil for distribution to western power and allies denying Iranian people survival means foment not only anti-western sentiments but also anti-Arab thoughts cultivating the culture of acrimony rather than harmony.

Saudi Arabia – the kingdom proudly hosting the holy pilgrimage to Mecca with the holy shrine of Prophet Mohammad (May Peace be upon him),

The authorities’ actions are contradictory to Islamic faith and values exemplified by the Prophet.

The moral guidance enunciated in Holy Quran is violated when an Islamic nation willfully cooperates in the economic and/or military warfare against another Islamic state since Islam condemns killings, oppression and persecution of any living being.

Besides the architects of war in the Middle East have Saudi Arabia – the next target in the regime change agenda.

Effectively, Saudi Arabia complicity in substituting Iran’s oil production and other means could be self-destructive.

Similarly Iraq – the victim of unjust war waged under false pretext is deja vous for the country still in turmoil following decimation from invasion.

United States appointed leadership Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is a strong ally of Iran maintaining close ties with Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and,

The relation between the two neighbors would be seriously tested in the critical hour ranging from oil output to strategic assistance against Iran.

Turkey – The NATO partner and intermediary suffered setbacks with western powers – recent France Vote against Turkey on Armenian issue and Flotilla incident with Israel in 2010.

Any other Islamic nation’s alliance in the economic and military aggression against Iran with citizens being the casualty might produce unrest within society considering the opposition to foreign intervention in Islamic countries across the globe.

In terms of formidable support to Iran – China and Russia partnerships on many issues including security threats are solid and expected to continue in the long run.

Persian Gulf incursion combined with economic restraints against Iran is also perceived as decelerating growth among the emerging economies to sustain global dominance.

Humanity progress is measured by collective prosperity and superiority aimed at eliminating nations or diminishing economic status could ultimately harm the source.

The world would benefit from peace and unity.

Perpetual conflicts destroy life and destiny of the present and future generation.

Political leaderships are granted power for a reason – to improve the lives of many and empower the powerless not otherwise.

The leadership[s are urged to resolve the dispute through peace and diplomacy.

Life is meaningful upon serving the purpose to kindle the spirit of oneness bound by universal love and compassion.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



























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