IQ – Intelligence Quotient

February 9, 2022

IQ – Intelligence Quotient 

Padmini Arhant

I was recently asked a very intelligent question by a three-year-old on why am I projected in nuance as a young child like three, eleven or fifteen-year-old on television, social media and other outlets?

The kid also added that – “you are older and I don’t see you as my age meaning a three-year-old person.”

I smiled and told the three-year-old, they are not intelligent like you to know that is not right.

However, they continue doing what they do, not realizing the self-embarrassment to them for kids like you are able to see and understand that it is false.

Again I emphasized, in displaying me, a mature intelligent independent older female adult to suit their negative narrative about me only confirms their maturity to adolescent and infant level. They see me at their level of maturity and standard.

As I said earlier, perception is the reflection of mind to fit convenient notion.

If they were mature and intelligent they would not indulge in self-deprecation belittling themselves like they do.

I explained to the child – were they happened to conduct themselves as intelligent mature adults, they would not view me that way and regard me their mortal enemy.

The kid laughed and said they don’t get it like my teddy bear for he just sees and thinks everything his way.

I said that’s exactly right.

On another occasion, I was asked why am I always linked to black male and a muslim female by them though I’m neither in the present lifetime given my actual individual profile and identity in accordance with universal identification of species related to anatomy and physiology.

I responded to that very relevant thoughtful question.

I said those who are behind this distortion and identity appropriation about me are enslaved by their conviction.

To them, one has to be a muslim to share any concerns about injustice to muslims or any race, religion, gender, orientation etc.  There is no room in their mind or heart to develop the nature to speak against any form of prejudice and violation against anyone regardless of who they are in individual identity.

There are no hard and fast rules against extending human kindness towards those not of the same life background. It is entirely subject to individual discretion.

Importantly, in light of grave sins committed by them against humanity at large that continues unabated until now, they are using me as sacrificial lamb to hit two birds in a single shot. It is done by denying and depriving me from my real life identity and deploying deceptive strategy using proxy misleading the captive audience – the global population. 

As for the black male concept, the guilt together with  inferiority complex exerted as superiority often exhibited in conflicting deeds and disposition.

Sadly for those engaged in this specific identity dilemma, they are only expressing and exposing their vulnerabilities using me as exploitative means to justify their conspicuous paradoxical trait.

The far-fetched sketchy insinuation from them about me in this context reveal inner struggles to reconcile their individual and collective contrition effused in patriarchy color coded in blackness.

There is also an inherent desire for a black father figure apparently missing in their life evident in such portrayal.

Human mind liberation from identity politics and appropriation would release them from unnecessary agony and anxiety leading to inner peace within permeating outside.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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