Interview with Padmini Arhant on Hypocrisy Máximo

September 20, 2016

PADMINI ARHANT. Author & Presenter Representative Divine Mission.

By Padmini Arhant

Hello Everyone!

Hope all well with you.

I want to shed light on hypocrisy. Whatever happens today is the result of those reining control over system and the rules created by them. 

Mind you – rules may very well be introduced by them.  Nonetheless, rules never apply to them ever.  Them and their envoys in different capacity are held above law regardless of the offenses and crimes that are not even considered a violation.

On the contrary, the laws are imposed on law abiding citizens and expected to be complied with constant reminder of the society governed by law and order. There is hardly any recognition among them that laws discarded by them essentially confirms lack of credibility when lawmakers are principal lawbreakers in society.

This is a mere drop in the ocean in terms of numerous contradictions about them. In fact, they object to my discussion about this topic while they continue to attack me through countless surrogacy for presenting the facts and speaking the truth that is deemed an unforgivable act according to them.

Think about this situation – they pursue me via parody, innuendoes and bizarre claims that has only led to self-exposure for them finding themselves with the foot in their mouth.

How come the press and media owned by them and entertainment industry under their influence never target members in political class and those culpable for many scandals and gross human rights breach except some token remarks with behind the scenes apologies to them?

The latest news from hegemony run press obscurely reported that U.S. President Barack Obama will veto bill initiated and brought to Congress by 9/11 victims’ families against Saudi dynasty.  This should have been the headlines questioning the legitimacy of such veto that protects foreign allies over citizens of the country subject to most violent terror attack in history.

How Presidential is it to misuse executive privilege against the people of the nation they are elected to serve?

Instead I am posed these questions in nuance. As always, I face challenges with candor and dexterity.  So I respond to them now.

Questions from media to me, Padmini Arhant.

  1. Why don’t you retire or step aside allowing young people to take over your position?

First of all, I just turned 57 years less than a month ago.  In politics or for that matter any other field this is well below retirement age.

By the way, I am not on anyone’s payroll – taxpayers, corporations, special interests or granted a money tree in the backyard with exemption from payments on all living expenses that is costing anybody unlike the so-called elected members on remunerations plus perks and celebrities raking a fortune during and post stardom.

Furthermore, most heads of the state whether province or nation in many parts of the world are way older than I am and some of them are octogenarians and nonagenarians remaining in power against the will of the people.

When I am in the working mode, I am asked to quit and when I am silent they also accuse me with tantrums like I am only interested in being a ‘housekeeper and a maid.’ 

The mistreatment conforms to – doomed if I do and doomed if I don’t , forgetting that I am not here to be at their beckon call. 

The irony is they cannot even keep up with their hypocrisy even in the face of stark nudity given their obsession in that front. 

Then there are certain folks who prefer to remain stuck on the magic digits – 65 years. Somehow specific political members and many celebrities well into the late 70’s and early 80’s insist on being only 65 years old.

I’m not sure what is the fascination with age 65 and this is declared by them after stagnancy on age 55 for more than a decade or so.

I guess they might be celebrating their birthdays not every twelve months from the birth date instead every other decade and that’s how they satisfy their aging concerns reversing as evergreen or forever young syndrome even though face is the mirror that reveals reality.

Lying about age does not guarantee longevity. When these image conscious figures cannot even bring themselves into admitting their real age, could they be trusted with anything they say on any matter?

  1. What makes you think you can continue on this trail when there are those with many years of experience in position?

Again, I’m not here to compete with anyone but rather the other way around. I am engaged in fulfilling my commitments to the highest Supreme entity, Almighty God  in the preordained divine mission.  

I have selflessly demonstrated my passion for humanitarian work not just in the past 8 years but since childhood and in progress until now which has been greatly appreciated by the Supernatural force as well as the beneficiaries of my contributions to their well- being.

My deeds sow the seeds for God’s blessings and love from those I have reached out to alleviate their suffering.

I have carried out these duties regardless of fierce opposition and exploitation of my generosity in addition to  being denied God blessed inalienable right to my original identity.

The individuality is determined by given name and DNA distinctive to every living being.  The inanimate objects also have a name assigned that cannot be mixed and distorted for instance stating the airplane as car or a train would only display the user’s folly.

In depriving me from personal identification exercised by humans and other species including those behind the unprecedented norm along with incessant abuse in the name of ruffling feathers by those aptly proving to be reactionaries upon confronted with facts and evidence on their egregious decisions and policy is self-explanatory.

As for the experience, all depends on track record and merit based achievements that are usually few and far between although scandals and corruption overwhelm political tenure and celebrity phase especially in the absence of transparency and accountability.

  1. Why do you consider rebuttal necessary leading to controversy?

As I mentioned, propaganda, lies, deception, deceit, distortion and subversion is the premise for those running the system and intend to prolong status quo. When they are unwilling to accept responsibility for deliberate involvements, flawed strategies and failures affecting innocent lives they indulge in mud-slinging and deploy cheap operatives in the game.

I reserve the right to correct concocted and convoluted profiling of me extrapolated to suit their preference.

In clarifying facts and actuality against intentional character defamation and caricature, I am doing a service to humanity from being misled and misinformed that is unfortunately a widespread practice.

Furthermore, my interaction compared to do that of highly sensitive human being is a misnomer.  One cannot expect others to grin and bear everything when the other side never know the limit.

I have also explained clearly about my principle.  I treat people with respect and expect the same in return.  No more, no less.

Let me dispel the myth in this context about my exchange with anyone stepping the line coined as controversial not barring thin skin connotation.

Jesus Christ whipped money lenders for obvious reason.

Lord Krishna had to let his cousin Shishupal succumb to arrogance. This when Lord Krishna saved Shishupal’s life and cured him from congenital disability.  Shishupal hurled insults and curses against Lord Krishna in royal assembly much to everyone’s dismay. When abuser takes advantage of other’s patience and exceeds boundary, divinity do that is required to restore fairness.

Lord Ram tried diplomacy with demon King Ravana, the abductor of Ram’s wife Sita.  Having exhausted peaceful efforts, Lord Ram was forced to terminate Ravana’s unruly disposition and draconian rule. 

Similarly, God Shiva is affronted by his father in-law Daksha and repeatedly denigrated deriving sadistic pleasure at every opportunity.  Daksha’s presumptuousness cost not only his status but also ended in him receiving goat’s head after being slayed in confrontation with Shivganas or representatives.

Just in case you all have not noticed, goat’s head is always positioned down in semblance to a mark of respect to all as a gesture.

Hence it is in everyone’s best interest not to test tolerance as that eventually harm the source and catalysts with end justifying the means sooner than later.

Needless to say the insolent and ignorant cannot be reasoned with as doom is the choice of their destiny.

The one who is laughed at ultimately earns the last laugh moment. Beat It.


Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant















































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