International Political Event – Presidential Election And Inauguration

August 4, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Pakistan – Presidential Election

Congratulations! To President Mamnoon Hussain elected to represent Pakistan.

Pakistan’s democratic experience is not without trials and tribulations especially post election resulting in political factions dissatisfaction with electoral process.

Pakistan stability is linked with containing violence emanating from terror networks and anti-democratic forces funding Takfiri elements aimed at national and regional destabilization.

The leadership commitment in ending United States drone strikes producing civilian casualties would determine public trust on the incumbent power.

Upon eliminating militancy and extremism premised on fundamentalism, sectarian clashes and cross border terrorism could perhaps be laid to rest.

Pakistan uphill battles comprise combating corruption and recovery of national income held in overseas bank accounts through tax evasion.

Additionally, building economy to improve living conditions is not unique to Pakistan.

However, the political dynamics with foreign interference under the guise of military aid hinder economic revival.

Hopefully the current government headed by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and President Mamnoon Hussain would introduce effective strategies to redress burgeoning violence restoring calmness and peace necessary to reach milestones in national goals.

Wishing Pakistan citizens and President Mamnoon Hussain dawn of peace and tranquility.


Iran – Presidential Inauguration

Iran – Congratulations! To President Hassan Rohani on the Presidential inauguration as 7th President of Iran.

Under the newly elected Presidency, the Iranian electorate choice for reformist candidacy over others is a mandate for moderation.

The voters’ aspirations to evolve and emerge from constraints and convictions are dependent on developments in the near future.

United States and EU unlawful sanctions exacerbates mainstream normal existence with access to medicines and other essentials restricted due to financial blockade disabling payments processing and transaction facility for free flow of trade in international market.

The unilateral western decisions lacking in fairness and legitimacy unnecessarily targets innocent victims across the nation.

Nonetheless, Iranian resolve in enduring arbitrary rule is evident in efforts exploring options to overcome crises.

Inflation and higher unemployment draw attention amongst various challenges in the economic front.

In other areas of governance, the common problems shared worldwide such as corruption and mismanagement in different branches of government pose impediments to real progress.

With hopes and expectations, the nation looks forward to fresh beginning and optimism in domestic and foreign relations minimizing tensions for positive outcome.

Best Wishes to people of Iran and President Hassan Rohani in addressing issues of the nation.


Zimbabwe – Presidential Electoral Dispute

The re-election of ruling party Zanu – PF governed by long serving President Robert Mugabe once again contested by opponent Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

The contender declining to concede in the latest national polls could be resolved in independent re-assessment of voting mechanisms with appropriate measures to avoid prolonged disputes now and later.

Despite previous experience in 2008, the top electoral official resignation in disapproval of existing polling method and inconsistency reveals the election commission lack of coordination and preparation.

Had inherent flaws been identified earlier and addressed effectively, the status quo might be different and any disagreements may not be related to voting irregularity.

Nevertheless, leaderships vying for power seeking amicable settlements could save lives with mass support behind peaceful reconciliation.

Zimbabwe leaders rational approach in national interest could deliver viable solution.

Good Luck! To Zimbabwe electorate and leaderships in finalizing political victory via communication and dialogue rather than confrontation.

Peace to all

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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