Instigated Violence in Egypt Revolution

February 3, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The ongoing pro-democracy citizens’ march in Egypt is mired by state-sponsored brutal attacks against unarmed peaceful protesters left to fend for themselves on the international community watch.

In the twenty first century – humanity might have made tremendous progress in the attempt to re-enact universe creation and space exploration for alternative inhabitation.

However, unfortunately in humanitarian matter the contemporary period reflects the medieval times savagery to rein control over the innocent Egyptian people oppressed and persecuted for three decades by the democratic governments backed dictatorship.

The message from powerful nation on Egypt uprising as an internal affair and advising against external interference would be credible upon similar policy then preventing the invasion of sovereign Iraq with coalition forces from 35 countries under false pretext justified as the liberation cause through military aggression resulting in perpetual carnage and destruction until now.

Furthermore, mankind failure to recognize the consequences of apathy attributed to twentieth century holocaust leading to World War II and subsequent erroneous actions till today are largely responsible for human suffering.

President Hosni Mubarak evidently is not acting on his volition to stay in power.

The global organization orchestrating the terrible monstrosity under the guise of world leadership to proclaim dominance is self-misguided and impaired by false presumptions in the Machiavellian pursuit -the end justifies the means.

According to the news reports – the state instigated anarchy and violence with paid mob attacks against peaceful participants for freedom while the Egyptian army funded by U.S. military aid around $1.7 billion is a spectator to the provocative incidents defying military code of honor to protect lives and defend the nation from domestic as well as overseas infiltration.

The security personnel in civilian attire involved in the human casualties are deployed as servitudes depicting ancient rule to guard singular entity – President Hosni Mubarak advised by foreign sources to prolong the crisis despite the 80 million population decry and demand for immediate resignation from office.

President Hosni Mubarak insincere offer to negotiate with opposition signifies western powers strategy to marginalize the historic political transformation regarded an impediment to economic colonization and political imperialism in the region.

Adapting to the so-called war on terror policy –non-negotiation with terrorists would synonymously apply to autocratic rule.

Again selective amnesia is not uncommon in politics.

In 2003 the U.S. and allies rejected peace activists’ call for due diligence preceding the illegal military attack exhibited in shock and awe and occupation of Iraq.

It was then followed by authorized execution of the adversary (previously an ally) the former President Saddam Hussein in public view widely televised as the good triumphs over evil.

Although the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein’s atrocities within society in semblance to Egypt and other Middle East nations or elsewhere was widely known,

The urgency to eliminate the leadership emanated from the political conviction on Iraqi leaders’ imminent threat to U.S. and allies viz. Saudi Arabia…using non-traceable WMD, unsubstantiated links to 9/11 and Al-Qaeda among the prominent falsified reasons notwithstanding the economic dispute over Iraqi government nationalization of oil fields at that time.

Therefore the instruction to refrain from serving ultimatums to a totalitarian government under their embattled ally President Hosni Mubarak overtly backed by powerful democracies is hypocrisy at the least and reprehensible in reality.

President Hosni Mubarak and puppet figure heads controlled by the shadow world government maintaining authority on global resources and territories ought to reconcile terms with evolution through revolution determined to succeed against forces denying life existence driven by excess greed contributing to the status quo.

Reiterating the truth – Mortality is the shared destiny with individual deeds their testimony in life.

Egypt population non-violent plea for democracy deserves global empathy exemplified through international solidarity in delivering the legitimate outcome – terminating President Hosni Mubarak term in office effective immediately.

International condemnation to the crime against humanity in Egypt and alike would expedite the inevitable success.

Procrastination in compliance to public request would be unwise for the leadership and the affiliates.

The long overdue change can no longer be thwarted by the powerful and would be implemented regardless in a natural process.

Egyptian citizens having endured tyranny thus far must not lose hope for the plight is nearing end.

It is crucial for demonstrators to sustain their steel resolve through peace and non-violence and not relent in the quest for political freedom.

People in Egypt are part of the world society and injustice towards one is injustice against all.

The global citizens are urged to come forward and extend their overwhelming support to the noble cause – Republic power and real democracy in Egypt.

Best wishes to fellow citizens in Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Algeria… for a glorious victory in the dawn of democracy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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