Indian Sub-Continent – Independence Day Celebration 2014

August 16, 2014

By Padmini Arhant

Independence day celebrations in Pakistan on August 14 and India on August 15 provides opportunity to reflect on the journey traveled since patriots’ martyrdom.

National governance representative of mainstream population viz. the middle class, lower income, poorest of the poor, marginalized, ostracized and disenfranchised in society would constitute republic status rather than the rich, famous and powerful class prevalent dominance.

The system represented by political parties with power sharing among family members conforming to dynasty rule and other factions headed by celebrities from the entertainment and economic sectors for decades denying genuine people voice is far from being democratic besides contributing to the widening gap between the haves and have-nots in the country.

Notwithstanding the domestic and foreign interests groups control further exacerbates suffering and undermine sovereignty.

India and Pakistan citizens are deprived of fairness and equality in the ever increasing foreign influence and intrusion in politics, military and economic decisions promoting subjugation and polarization to benefit hegemony.

Both nations are also confronted with economic woes, security concerns related to preventable cross border tensions, terrorism and widespread violence prohibiting peaceful co-existence.

Another important factor arguably remaining major hindrance in rapid growth and development is corruption, tax evasion and wealth amassment.

The deposits in overseas bank accounts, tax havens and shelter cost taxpayers trillions of dollars that could otherwise eliminate abject poverty, curable disease and illiteracy in addition to building and improving infrastructure.

In the absence of transparency and accountability due to complicity amongst political establishment, the epidemic of corruption depleting national treasury facilitates black money circulation and money laundering through diverse means especially during election ironically declared as free and fair process.

Furthermore, those involved in corruption deals and scandals continue to make fortune at the vast majority expense. The entities are protected with immunity legitimizing their activities despite significant loss to the economy.

Utilizing political position as Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), Member of Parliament (MP) in the lower or upper house and higher up in the hierarchy they are exempt from judicial probe and appropriate applications of the law that apparently exists only for average citizens nationwide.

Politics intolerance to alternative perspectives and constructive dialogue confirms insecurity not to mention the measures to curb authentic dynamism demonstrates subversion of democracy.

The lack of political will to serve the nation and electorate granting power evident in the stagnant or deteriorating conditions experienced by people across the spectrum.

The economic trend within affluent category restricts the possibility for pervasive progress.

National advancement leaving behind none would guarantee sustainable prosperity.

The contemporary setting premised on exploitation and segregation jeopardizes economic potential considering the impact on collective output.

India and Pakistan relationship as allies instead of adversaries is essential for economic trade, cultural exchange and importantly addressing terror infiltration or militancy in Kashmir and other parts of the country.

Regional friction unnecessarily creates problems with divestments in defense budget alongside declining basic necessities like clean water, air, health care, education, housing, agriculture and employment.

Remembering freedom fighters would be meaningful upon fulfilling the dreams they envisioned for the nation. Such accomplishments would honor their sacrifice.

Best Wishes to citizens in India and Pakistan in reaching milestones with ordinary people empowerment leading to a promising future.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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