Indian Politics Erosion Under Foreign Powers Influence

September 7, 2018

Indian Politics Erosion Under Foreign Powers Influence

Padmini Arhant

The day India is freed from foreign syndicate subjugation of democracy together with all political parties including press and media treason in their collusion with extraneous elements,

Then there is hope and relief for Indian electorate i.e. the average citizens as overwhelming majority in the country to expect normal life.

Unfortunately, the politics of all shades and designs as well as communication media are controlled and directed by foreign diktat strangling democracy with brute force and crony culture prevalent in the system.

The rogue conglomerate abroad operating the Indian media and political structure alternating term in office as Congress and BJP along with coalition regardless of parties is factual event and not a perception.

The newspaper editor like Arun Shourie, a former economist at the World Bank joining the ranks and legacies of colleagues such as P. Chidambaram, Pranab Mukherjee, Man Mohan Singh in Congress having served World Bank were duly appointed as Finance Ministers to return favor to them and they also diligently did to stay in power.

Similarly, the lawyer appointed as Finance Minister at World Bank’s behest despite losing Lok Sabha election in 2014, Arun Jaitley in BJP pushed forward the international bankers digitalization concept in the recent demonetization debacle to eliminate cash economy replaced with credit and debit card widespread use as the transactional medium in India.

Accordingly, Indian Express news editor Arun Shourie chiming foreign employers’ tone, a disposition much to self-embarrassment reminiscent of colonial era is least surprising. The foreign invaders then and now use internal agents akin to Arun Shourie to prolong status quo.

World Bank, the financial institution together with IMF are directly responsible for transforming developing nations and once prosperous economies into banana republic with toxic prescriptions speaks volume on effacing growth and development worldwide.

The flawed so-called economic remedies from World Bank and IMF proved disastrous due to vested interests favoring international financial cartel and affiliates in power. Yet they were imposed on nations to submit to devious strategy to benefit core members in the circle.

They were successfully implemented in nations recruiting members like Arun Shourie to convince the already acquiescing political cadre in India and elsewhere.

In the political front, the scandalous dynastic Congress depleting national treasury amassing wealth and land by Sonia Gandhi family members and leading Congress party members viz. P. Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal and the likes on one side,

The other being, the fundamentalist demagogues evolving into despots in BJP not excluding the fringe political factions nationwide are under international criminal clique’s direct dominance.

Both Congress and BJP upon assuming ruling position in Delhi are then invariably guided and prodded by their international masters to fill key cabinet posts like finance, foreign and defense ministries involving foreign dealings and transactions to largely favor multinational corporations as well as prominent Indian companies such as Ambani, Adani, Tata, and Birla…to name a few with investments in foreign ventures to further drain Indian economy.

The implicit foreign consortium coup against population of every nation on earth cannot be ignored and evident in economic woes confronting global mass represented in the middle class, lower income and the poorest in every society.

Indian electorate is at the crossroads to either continue or decline foreign conglomerate guided political and economic systems not excluding the press and communication outlets spreading propaganda and condescendence laden bizarre innuendoes against anyone challenging the foreign sources obsolete and dysfunctional policies in the effort to retain ascendancy and subordination.

There is also another impediment to alternatives considering the trend in buying the individuals heading any new political parties with incentives such as power, fame and fortune.

The ones who volleyed Indian citizens’ aspirations in the anti-corruption rally were typically lured with Magsaysay awards, Indian Padma Bhushan or Vibhushan titles and so on besides appointment of others in government positions like governor or lieutenant governor and higher civil service posts to prevent effective anti- corruption legislation.

These members also fall in line conforming to the theory and practice – If you can’t beat them then join them. They become one of them with business as usual.

Human weakness to material status is exploited by forces persistently engaged in undermining and marginalizing segments no longer limited to minorities and other demography. In fact, affecting vast numbers in mainstream as well.

Elections in general in most parts of the world are marred with irregularities, vote rigging and ballot disposal. The massive cash influx in campaign financing from various origins is a common factor almost everywhere and deploy diverse means defying electoral rules and regulations.

Indian election campaigns are anything but an exception in this regard. All political parties compete with one another in exceeding violations on election campaign. They adopt any and all tactics ranging from bribery to violent threats and vote manipulation to stamp their illegitimate victory.

The tradition is shared by all political parties and factions in varying proportions and already underway towards 2019 Indian national election.

The northern Indian state Rajasthan’s BJP Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje battling with corruption scandals in contradiction to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s narrative on BJP’s clean government and representation nationwide has committed to distributing 1 crore /million free smartphones to Rajasthan’s disenchanted and disillusioned electorate. The rural voters and urban unemployed youth in particular are vulnerable to these scams during election.

This is resumption in subverting the idea of free and fair election.

No wonder, the sane voices and capable competent members as intellectuals, activists with leadership qualities refusing to toe the line are held in house arrest or face incarceration and defamation from the unscrupulous enterprise in house and offshore running the gamut.

Padmini Arhant

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