Indian National Budget 2020

February 4, 2020

Indian National Budget 2020 

Padmini Arhant

India”s BJP government Finance Minister Nirmala Prabhakar’s recent national budget 2020 lacks focus on economic revival.

The budget suppress opportunity for rural and agriculture economy in dire straits. There is no solution now or in the foreseeable future to address soaring unemployment among educated youth and qualified work force.

The so-called tax increase on wealthy in India reverse course in action witnessed in latest bail out of Tamil film industry actor Rajnikanth’s tax evasion case by BJP government. 

The BJP administration rather than filling vacancies alleviating record unemployment in the severely understaffed judiciary overwhelmed with tax frauds and tax evasion cases, prompts the tax department under government control to withdraw cases on tax fraud in the amount 1 crore (million) rupees and below letting the actor Rajnikanth, an ardent BJP supporter off the hook.

BJP administration’s egregious decision in this regard depriving the nation from desperately required tax revenue exempting the wealthiest in politics, economic and entertainment sector on fair share of taxes exemplify the privileged exploiting the average citizens in India. Not to mention the trend fundamentally widening the gap between the filthy rich and poor in society.

Media, press and communication outlets complicity in the matter cannot be discounted. 

At the same time, BJP government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi declined any debt or tax relief to farmers owing money as little as 1,000 rupees to max 50,000 rupees resulting in farmers’ suicide nationwide.

This is the reality camouflaged with false projections and promises only to be broken during their term in office.

The topic will continue on other aspects of the budget 2020.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter



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