Indian Democracy is Mobocracy and Kleptocracy

June 22, 2022

Indian Democracy is Mobocracy and Kleptocracy 

Padmini Arhant

Indian democracy is mobocracy and kleptocracy with political opposition systematically eliminated by New Delhi regime.

The head of the regime’s background speaks volume and serve as evidence that violence begets violence.

In the absence of positive performance, the regime survival heavily rely on media cohorts’ and own political party propaganda. The external foreign role promoting despotism and dictatorial exertion via pseudo glorification to upend democracy cannot be ruled out in particular slighting the regime’s glaring violations on human rights, corruption and criminal legacy.

The regime’s political strategy is bribes with illegal money and lofty positions in cabinet, bureaucracy and legislative assembly especially the upper house – Rajya Sabha membership offered to media house like Zee Soap Opera and WION youtube channel proprietor Subash Chandra Goenks. As s result fake news and indoctrination continues unabated in appeasement politics quid pro quo. The opposition members are lured with such offers as well to jump ship making mockery of democracy.

The bribery through Rajya Sabha upper house entry is also reserved for the Indian Supreme Court Chief Justice as witnessed in the former CJS Ranjan Gogoi rewarded for key decisions favoring the New Delhi regime on major scandals like Rafale defense contract corruption and on communal issues siding with RSS and BJP’s militant Hindutvs ideology in the controversial Ayodhya and Babri Masjjd matter.

Having dismantled the constitutional framework and autonomy of most Indian institutions including the latest assault on Indian Defense Force institutional character, tradition and discipline, the regime’s ravenous appetite for power exemplified in unilateral decisions like demonetization debacle, haphazard GST rule etc., drowning the economy in cyclical crises with fudged and forged data on GDP, unemployment figures and overall ailing economy are merely the tip of the iceberg.

The farmers’ protests were ignored adopting violent means to curtail peaceful rallies for over two to three years until recently the inevitable outcome forced the withdrawal of the regime’s anti-agrarian and pro-oligarchy policy.

The regime’s latest stunt on the defense recruitment restructuring sparking anger, frustrations and violent eruption (taken from the RSS and BJP play book) among economically crippled rural and urban youth is perceived as authoritarian backlash on the defeat in the farmers’s bill forfeiture. The connectivity is the defense force aspirants are predominantly and vastly from rural areas as farmers’ sons and daughters and the remaining percentage belong to the poor economic background.

The RSS run BJP governance with the Prime Minister, Home Minister and regional chief minister in Uttar Pradesh hand picked by the Prime Minister along with several members in Parliament including the individual  convicted of terrorism involving bomb blasts against the demography designated as outcasts such as the so-called backward class (BC), other backward class (OBC), Dalits, scheduled caste and scheduled tribe among diverse caste segregation and denominations,

The commonality beginning at the top i.e. the Prime Minister, Home Minister at the center along with  Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Karnataka and many BJP governments preach and practice hatred, prejudice and violence.

The situation is buttressed with the state represented print, television and social media ever at regime’s disposal to spin and sensationalize communal politics and cover up government’s scandalous repertoire.

Kashmir Valley is the Xinjiang of India with the conditions exacerbated for rehabilitation of Hindu and other minorities in the territory.

The inflammable toxic political and social  environment combined with debilitating economic status nationwide is cheered and celebrated as the Prime Minister’s charisma again not without endorsement from conspicuous quarters overseas exclusively for vested interests fueling anti-democratic and anti-unity agenda in South Asia.

Last but not the least, the regime’s routine topple of opposition state governments via horse trading using print black money is yet another factor for unsustainable rising inflation.

The overture accompanied by intimidations using false charges, income tax raids and other nefarious tactics misusing public funded police force against abducted political opposition members for personal and regime goals is the last straw in abuse of power.

The boiling point exceeded into overflow in corruption, criminality and absolute destruction of everything such as institutions, judiciary, economic sector, political opposition, religions and social fabric…is the epitome of democracy in peril.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter


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