India – Victims of mass genocide in 1984 anti-Sikhs riots case

November 21, 2018

India – Victims of mass genocide in 1984 anti-Sikhs riots case

Padmini Arhant

Delhi court verdict on the killings of two Sikh residents in mob violence following the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984 is welcome.

However, the death sentence to one and life term to another convicted in the crime representing capital punishment with death penalty could have been life sentence to both on the crime.  The death penalty is elimination of those convicted whereas life term with mandatory labor in the cell to provide for victims’ families having deprived them of an earning member would be meaningful creating an opportunity for the guilty to repent and pay penance to victims and their families subjected to life-long ordeal.

Importantly, these killers convicted in the heinous crime were operatives deserving to be brought to justice. 

Nonetheless, the actual perpetrators were leading political figures in Congress Party viz. Jagdish Tytler, late H.K.L.Bhagat, Sajjan Kumar, Dharamdas Shastri, Lalit Maken, Babu Ram Sharma, the late Arun Nehru to name a few as well as celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan were pivotal in instigating mob violence and arousing anti-Sikh sentiments that led to abhorrent genocide of Sikh population in Delhi and Punjab.

The punishment to catalysts or agents while setting the architects and instigators free witnessed time and time again in politically motivated ethnic violence and criminal activity is a serious assault on judicial efficacy making law nothing more than convenience exempting those with political clout and stardom in society.

Even worse is these offenders having never expressed remorse for their authorized killings are celebrated and revered as heroes adding insult to victims’ injury in modern age.

The law of the land enforced without any privilege to or prejudice against any holding none above law especially the famous, influential and powerful invariably granted immunity to crimes against humanity would exemplify independent judiciary and democratic values in recognition of victims’ rights not the accused alone in delivering justice in a real civilized society.

Furthermore, seizing assets of affluent members in politics and entertainment involved in these criminal actions for punitive damages to survivors and victims’ dependents would alleviate victims plight in the otherwise carte blanche abuse of power and celebrity status in society.

Accordingly, the application of law against every one of these individuals alive today who were consciously engaged in promoting massacre of innocent citizens in Sikh community in 1984 is incumbent on Indian judiciary and collectively as the nation proclaimed the world’s largest democracy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter



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