India – UPA Passed Lokpal Bill

December 29, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The government Lokpal bill passed in the lower house i.e. Loksabha without general consensus is an artful manipulation defending those at the political helm from accountability.

After declining opposition amendments and civil society submission on core issues directly targeting the origin that could have yielded a robust and functional bill,

The UPA government obliged Congress President Sonia Gandhi dictum tactfully aimed at circumventing probe against ruling administration past, present and future escapades.

Jan Lokpal was a public request to the ruling power and elected representatives to address corruption culture considering acute moral degradation exacerbated with  humility deficiency prevalent in the political system depicting –

The seed bears the fruit of the kind.

The government pressure through media adapting to state broadcast mode on Team Anna and anyone opposing legislation designed to serve personal interest is a threat to democracy.

Airtime squandered in mockery and relentless attacks against legitimate opposition on government strategies affecting billion lives is a disservice to mass communication taking journalism to the lowest ebb.

Media role in democracy is crucial in representing people voice unlike the contemporary setting with political parties media ownership serving as propaganda machinery to quell dissent against detrimental policy and legislation.

Political leaderships and party proprietary rights over media is convenient to silence majority.

Not to mention the dangerous trend subverting truth and weakening democracy.

The undemocratic precedence attributed to enormous illegal wealth at disposal invested in broadcast network and/or forge alliance with corporate run media for mass deception and eternal terms in office.

Nonetheless, the ongoing debate in the upper house viz. Rajya Sabha analyzing the weak pro-government Lokpal bill for modification with recommended core issues enumerated earlier premised on –

None are above the law would be a step in the positive direction.

Parliamentary sessions are redundant without reaching agreement on meaningful legislation with revolutionary changes required for effective corruption eradication.

Unfortunately, with the lack of political will and serious commitment the much-anticipated legislation becoming law continues to remain contentious facilitating partisan politics at public expense.

The unwillingness to act or lack luster  performance in enacting important legislation would unequivocally backfire for political parties in the forthcoming state assembly polls and later during national election.

Underestimating electorate awareness and mounting frustration over pervasive corruption is a political gamble with irreversible course in the sweeping change on the horizon.

Jan Lokpal blockade is impunity to political and privileged class in crimes against society.

Passing Jan Lokpal with relevant measures adopted to deter rather than promote corruption is every elected official’s constitutional responsibility and Parliamentary duty regardless of political hierarchy.

Meanwhile, the ruling power and oppositions alike candid disclosure and surrender of assets acquired through misuse of power and illicit means is paramount to exemplify political class dedication to anti-corruption.

Failure to comply requirement that otherwise incumbent upon ordinary citizens with serious repercussions would clarify democracy legitimacy.

Ending corruption tradition along with secrecy era among the powerful is the cornerstone in the roadmap for corruption free India.

In the absence of these fundamentals the pursuit for economic and social development would be class oriented in the widening gap between the haves and have-nots,

Notwithstanding the adverse effects on national credibility and image.

Citizens’ initiative and activism across the spectrum is the key to liberation from corruption.

India against corruption under Shri Anna Hazare leadership and team efforts are commendable.

The crusade against corruption is primarily responsible for Jan Lokpal current discussion in Parliament.

India against corruptionnational movement with Team Anna guidance epitomizes patriotism reflected in the selfless devotion and endurance of negative campaigns against them to derail the prospects of strong anti-corruption law.

The Parliamentarians have unique opportunity to redefine politics demonstrating ethical efficacy in the overwhelming endorsement of Jan Lokpal protecting nation at large against corruption.

Good Luck to  Jan Lokpal approval and implementation this winter session!

Jai Bharat!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant













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