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September 28, 2014

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By Padmini Arhant 

The latest development in the Southern State of Tamil Nadu politics with incumbent Chief Minister Jayalalitha convicted and sentenced to 4 years jail term on disproportionate assets case is a positive step towards curbing corruption. 

However, selective indictments in politics could mean the probe is politically motivated and undermine the necessity for universal application of law regardless of stature in society.

The corruption in politics is enabled by misinterpretation of power by those elected to public office besides impunity protecting and shielding unscrupulousness and flagrant abuse of authority. 

When lawmakers introduce laws through legislation in society, they exempt them from such laws and disregard the importance to set example in abiding by the rules and regulations that are enforced on ordinary people.

The legislators, administration and government employees’ involvement in corruption scandals having become the standard practice,

The political members maintaining close ties with economic and entertainment sector utilize the career to make fortune accumulating wealth lasting over several generations.

They ignore consequences of their actions on 1.2 billion people with significant majority forced into abject poverty or severe economic condition.

Notwithstanding the economic liability from tax evasions, black money in overseas bank accounts, tax havens along with kick backs on deals depleting national treasury shift the burden on middle class and lower income category as taxpayers in the country.

The political representatives barring exceptions do not represent the electorate electing them to power.

Instead they diligently safeguard their own and campaign financiers interest to continue the trend in mutual benefit.

Accordingly the hunger for power and the urge to remain in position is stronger and they spare no opportunity to prolong their rule at all costs including arrangements for party loyalists as substitute until they explore options to buy justice for a price through bail and other available means to avoid jail sentence.

Yet another strategy for political parties whether ruling or opposition is to engage taxpayer funded intelligence agency and taxation department as intimidation tools against anyone perceived potential threat to status quo.

The judicial process against ex-chief minister Jayalalitha might be the tip of the iceberg in Indian politics.

Nonetheless the inquiry followed by legal proceedings and appropriate findings against members in political, economic, entertainment, religion and social domain without bias or preferential treatment is critical to revive fairness and equality on compliance with law.

Again the influential status often overrides adherence amongst the rich, famous and the powerful fostering corruption culture.

In a real democracy, there would be no hierarchy with uniformity and consistency across the spectrum conforming to egalitarianism.

Essentially, the other political party leaderships as well as individuals and organizations are to be brought under scrutiny and subject to financial disclosure expediting national revenue recovery from overseas tax shelter.

In this context, members of Tamil Nadu DMK party chief Karunanidhi and family, AIADMK and different political factions within the state and,

Similarly in every other state in India beginning with Central Government in capital New Delhi – Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi, former Prime Ministerial candidate Rahul Gandhi, former Home and Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, ex-Communications minister Kapil Sibal, the predecessor Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, former Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit to name a few in Congress party.

Likewise with BJP – Prime Minister Narinder Modi, Finance and Defense Minister Arun Jaitley, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, Minister for Women and Child Development Meneka Gandhi and counterparts in the administration and nationwide be commissioned to public verification.

AAP founder Arvind Kejriwal and party affiliates and,

Prominently former Chief Minister for Uttar Pradesh Mayawati and political rivals in the state.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Trinamool members, CPI(M) and relevant groups in the region.

Maharashtra’s Shiv Sena, former Chief Minister Sharad Pawar and political contenders in the state. 

Bihar’s RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav and alike.

The transparency and accountability on regional and national political parties not excluding economic and other fields would determine democratic functionality.

The notion that serving members in politics could not be tried despite evidence based charges due to political immunity is subversion of democracy.

As a result politics is leading the nation in unethical and treasonous act during official period optimizing personal economic security.

The people in Tamil Nadu and rest of India dismissal of corrosive system epitomizing corruption, embezzlement and power concentration replacing with integrity, ingenuity, intellect and sincerity is the foundation for true independence.

In the absence of checks and balances, the privileges are far too many with cart blanche authority proved detrimental to national progress.

Tamil Nadu moving away from tradition i.e. alternating between two political parties – DMK, AIADMK and the ambit – Congress, BJP or proxy and settling for authentic people power setting aside reservations is the holistic approach to moral decadence.

I convey my best wishes to people in Tamil Nadu and India for republic empowerment.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant





















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