India – Security Breach and Election Rally

January 16, 2022

India – Security Breach and

Authority Mind Set 

Padmini Arhant

When terror attacks are launched against any specific targets anywhere in the world, the terror groups wherever they are claim responsibility and let the world know of their present action.

There are also terror groups who have issued warnings to nations big and small of their future intentions perhaps extending courtesy to their potential victims of the forthcoming terrorism. The gesture creating the impression on terrorists’ resolve is unique.

In contrast, the highest government home ministry in the executive branch responsible for the safety and security of citizens and nation at large including the  head of the nation as Prime Minister is in hibernation and absolved of any accountability in the security breach matter.

The ruling BJP government in New Delhi via state run media is preoccupied in propagating information shifting blame on anyone regarded a fair game except them, the central authority’s interior ministry with entire national and PM security related apparatus directly under their control.

The odd developments preceding the security breach episode in Bathinda, Punjab is noteworthy.

The BJP government’s home minister in New Delhi reportedly commented to BJP colleague, the Meghalaya governor Satya Pal Malik on the Prime Minister’s mindset. The message arguably attracted  citizens’ attention.

The home minister in New Delhi raising questions on the incumbent Indian Prime Minister’s state of mind with above reference upon being taken into confidence by Meghalaya Governor on PM’s apathy to the tragic deaths and sacrifice of 700 or more farmers in the nearly two years peaceful non-violent march in the capital and northern states of India is an internal confirmation out in the open.

The security breach controversy in Punjab on January 5th again directly involving the home ministry in New Delhi is not beyond reasonable doubt in public mind regarding the relation between the home minister and Prime Minister in the capital New Delhi.

Usually the government key figures as the first and second in line with the latter aspiring to succeed in the immediate future are witnessed time and time again.  Sometimes, there are situations with conflict within two most powerful positions in government surface with inferences to mental and cognitive ability.

The Punjab security incident and the Prime Minister’s remark on surviving the event expressing politicized gratitude to interim Punjab Chief Minister further serve as a self-endorsement of the mindset statement proving the central government home minister’s view.

In a nutshell, the cat out of the bag pose predicament in any event management and damage mitigation.

Often times, something out or leaked from the direct source in government project a clear picture of reality for public notice.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 


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