India – RSS ,BJP, VHP, BD Saffron Harassment or Terrorism?

February 8, 2022

India – Saffron Harassment or Terrorism? 

Padmini Arhant


Students Heckled in Karnataka College, India over Hijab Controversy.

Muslim female students targeted and isolated in the controversial hijab ban in government college while allowing Hindu and Hindutva elements to adorn their saffron scarf and other religious identity in the classroom and educational institution in the South Western RSS run BJP state Karnataka. 

Just recently the fundamentalist group was represented by college graduates claiming to be higher caste Brahmin Hindus – the male and female pair auctioned publicly known and unknown muslim women online seeking bidders to bid on them. The disgusting and despicable behavior was never condemned by the ruling politics and majority opposition remaining silent with negligible exceptions sharing their comments on social media.

There is obviously a serious social engineering is in play sowing venom among impressionable minds to polarize Indian society. The radicalism citing religion is also aimed at blasphemy of Lord Sri Ram in these abominable events. The chanting of Jai Sri Ram is not a religious fervor. Instead the contrary is demonstrated in the sacrilege and disdain of the Lord Ram exploiting religion by the religious zealots – RSS, BJP, The Vishwa Hindu Parishad ( targeting College students in campus), the Bajrang Dal and other factions behind violence and discord in society.

These developments are dangerous and extremely explosive in every respect especially in the economic terms considering India’s major foreign currency reserve boasted as $650 billion (?) is largely received from Hindu workers and labor force employed in the Middle East and other Islamic nations in the world.

The Indian ruling government and opposition inaction to end the trend would be inviting embarrassment and social unrest besides international response. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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