India – RSS BJP Religion Spin

November 10, 2021

India – RSS BJP Religion Spin 

Padmini Arhant

The ruling political party RSS and BJP government exploiting religion, God and communalism is the legacy. The trend institutionalized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi since assuming power in 2014 until now is the last thing India needed with the nation brought down on its knees in every front under this government. 

The economy in doldrums, health disaster in neglecting corona virus ravaging effect consuming millions of lives with India leading the worst affected chart, national security compromised with China’s invasion of the Himalayan region and occupation of Ladakh and north eastern territories that are barely contained extending the standoff between the two most populous nations. 

The RSS mentored BJP government under PM Narendra Modi embarked on religion spin targeting Indian Muslims and Christians in multicultural and diverse religions nation such as India for political reasons is history repeating itself under this government.

The Godhra incident in Gujarat back in 2002 resulting in the loss of thousands of lives with majority muslims and many Hindus killed in the state sponsored communal violence under then Chief Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah is a dark episode in the political career of both members now reining control over the nation as the national leaderships causing trepidation among the minorities and marginalized Hindus nationwide. 

Kashmir has been indefinitely in lockdown prior to the pandemic and the situation in the valley worsening with no access to real journalism or press and media due to New Delhi’s curfew ever since the region was transformed from the autonomous state with state legislative assembly to central government run union territory in 2019 soon after the BJP government’s second term in office. 

The revocation of Article 370 in the Indian constitution related to the state of Jammu & Kashmir was PM Narendra Modi’s commitment to RSS political agenda. 

Now PM Narendra Modi playing the religion card in Tamil Nadu via BJP’s defacto faction Naam Tamizhar headed by Seemaan – verified as Simon – Tamil Christian in public domain. Naam Tamizhar Chief Simon aka Seemaan engaged by BJP to rake the mud using religions i.e. Christians and Muslims in India as European settlers and Arabic invaders per public statement by the latter.

The reality on present Indian minority groups in these religions clarifies them as Hindu apostate – the demography designated as the backward class (BC), other backward class (OBC), untouchables, outcasts, scheduled caste (SC), scheduled tribe (ST)…etc. converting to Christianity, Islam and Buddhism to break away from Hindu caste based discrimination and isolation in society. 

The BjP leadership in New Delhi strategy on caste and religion divide to win election in Tamil Nadu and other states is unruly and undemocratic causing rift and tensions in society confronted with myriad challenges primarily caused by government failure to address any issues in the past and present. There are no plans either in the immediate future except fomenting communal and religious frictions and  unrest to gain and remain in power. 

In Tamil Nadu, the BJP government in New Delhi has  political factions working in their favor. The one mentioned above Simon aka Seemaan’s Naam Thamizhar promoting BJP’s religious polarization, the other being the Tamil film industry actor Vijay Makkal Iyakkam winning 115 of the 169 seats in Tamil Nadu rural election in October 2021.

Similarly, the political party by yet another Tamil film actor Kamal Hassan proved a BJP decoy to tilt votes making headway into Tamil Nadu politics. Furthermore, in this instance the prefix in actor’s name Kamal surreptitiously represent the BJP party symbol Kamal adding clarity to those aligned on caste based i.e. the so-called upper caste demography loyalty to the actor’s caste identity.

The Tamil film industry actor party is a BJP wing with Naam Thamizhar deliberate religious controversy at BJP’s behest driving the vote base to BJP’s Vijay Makkal Iyakkam making the entry into Tamil Nadu to reek havoc like in Uttar Pradesh and other states in India.

Interestingly, the Tamil film actor Vijay is publicly stated as a Christian and BJP’s anti-muslim and anti-christian rhetoric spread via Naam Tamizhar faction Simon aka Seemaan falsely claiming to represent minorities in Tamil Nadu is BJP’s political ploy to drive minorities to BJP funded Vijay Makkal Iyakkam.

BJP’s religion caste abuse proudly touted as the Chanakya tactic in action to crawl into Tamil Nadu.

The Tamil Nadu electorate is perhaps unaware of the behind the scenes developments and dramatic political games from the center deploying stooges in Tamil Nadu having excess baggage like illegal money stashed away by movie actors given their exorbitant price tag regardless of the film success or failure. 

The BJP government especially PM Narendra Modi’s policy targeting members with such vulnerabilities threatening them with income tax raids or buy them out with political position in quid pro quo is a well known fact.

The adage – Old habits die hard aptly fits the profile and performance. 

The public awakening to these developments is not an option but in fact critical to save democracy in crises right now. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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