India – Regime Change in Order

December 9, 2019

India – Regime Change in Order

Padmini Arhant

Whenever power is misinterpreted and misused, such actions ominously determine imminent demise of such power regardless of democratic status undermined and weakened to maintain radical rule.

The globalists backed current regime under leadership Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah’s fundamentalism having reached crescendo is an alternative to distract national attention on serious economic situation. The administration’s desperation is on display.

PM Narendra Modi’s rise to power primarily premised  on communal violence, divisive politics involving violent killings of innocent civilians of different faiths including followers of Sanatana Dharma that are otherwise known as Hindus is a widely known fact.

Casteism predominantly favoring politics long been considered potent tool in the divide and rule strategy adopted from colonial past and present. 

Religion on the other hand been effective in identifying majoritarianism for political mileage to politics lacking in prudent economic policy and reliable efficient governance.

PM Narendra Modi pledge of allegiance to crony capitalism in quid pro quo reflected in India’s ailing economy and precipitous decline of all things representing constitutionally set up laws and institutions stripped of their autonomy and independent jurisdiction to suit the administration’s maneuvering and mismanagement.

PM Narendra Modi and partner as well as BJP party President Amit Shah’s politics survive on devious tactics deploying bribes and back alley intimidations using public funded government agencies viz. Criminal Investigation Bureau (CBI), Enforcement Directorate (ED) and Income Tax Department against members in political opposition and anyone raising questions against government’s lack luster performance on economy or general environment.

In the absence of economic growth contributing to soaring unemployment and  industrial gloom alongside rising inflation on produces like onions and other items, the incumbent PM Narendra Modi government hopelessly rely on religion and social issues introducing Citizenship Act inducting discriminatory Naturalization law targeting specific religious demography i.e. Muslims is least surprising.

Perhaps those behind the passing of legislation in Indian Parliament to isolate Muslims in India meticulously aimed at economically and socially vulnerable segments in society.

Otherwise, PM Narendra Modi’s affinity and affiliation to entertainment industry dominant with Muslim personalities would not be invariably provided immunity on crimes like hit and run man slaughter of a Hindu pedestrian belonging to poor family by Bollywood Actor Salman Khan protected by BJP government.

Similarly, the Bollywood Actress and BJP MP, the Muslim apostate Hema Malini responsible for the death of then three year old Hindu child not long ago in automobile collision let scot-free would not occur.

These Muslim film celebrities are granted impunity against crimes despite the loss of Hindu lives categorically verify BJP and PM Narendra Modi as well as Party Chief Amit Shah’s flawed agenda.

Politics never care for the less fortunate, deprived, disadvantaged and disenfranchised though they largely comprise the vote banks during election.

Politics run by the rich, famous and radical elements crave for controversy to masquerade colossal failures in policy, plans and programs if at all there were any to lead the nation in a proper direction.

PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah absolute control over media not barring the so-called alternative, independent sources airing online and via television networks are the worst as their true colors revealed in propagating government strategy and external forces scripts to stay alive.

The communication outlets not excluding social media IT sleeper cells recruited to assault government provided names notably segregated as arch nemesis in the whole operation. As a result there is no institution or medium that are not marginalized to serve government’s exclusive interest.

Indian electorate were adequately warned and advised against re-election of Narendra Modi Amit Shah government on this website well ahead of national election under the title

Re-electing Narendra Modi for second term would be a disaster for India. 

Yet this advice was not heeded and defied bearing the brunt of it today while some loosely letting their tongue to abuse me and hurling incessant insults much to self-detriment.

Needless to say those playing second fiddle to any regimes will always find scapegoat and accuse those whom they perpetually chase with their tirade and diatribe.

As for India’s political opposition, the members having fair share of skeletons in their cupboard are ideal for authoritarianism to emerge and flourish in power.

Opposition cutting a deal with ruling government to cover each other’s back is politics as usual.

PM Narendra Modi and HM Amit Shah’s apparent crusade is the beginning of the end of their undemocratic and unconstitutional authority.

Not to mention the sacrilege of religion i.e. Hinduism they claim to declare as their sole proprietary identity.

What is next for the regime?

Bull dozing Taj Mahal – that has generated enormous revenue and continues to be a cash cow in tourism for Hindutva domain Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi.

How about Qutub minar together with other famous monuments and tourist attractions that were built in Moghul era that has stood the test of time and worst periods like colonial parting gift – the partition of India?

The world has witnessed the rise and fall of authoritarianism often led in a manner like an unbridled horse headed over the cliff.

Is this the leadership of PM Narendra Modi desired and cheered for when the supposedly democrat former President Barack with a middle name Hussein Obama exercised executive power and intervened to bail out colleague and friend Narendra Modi in U.S. lawsuit on human rights abuse and 2002 riots in Gujarat under then Chief Minister Narendra Modi?

How about the next door neighbor Pakistan’s cricketer turned Prime Minister Imran Khan rooting for re-election of PM Narendra Modi in 2019 only to deny Indian Muslims their citizenship and statehood?

Notwithstanding the Russian President Vladimir Putin bestowing PM Narendra Modi with the coveted civilian honor right in the middle of Indian general election to prove Russian influence on elections anywhere in the world.

The global samaritans did not want to be left behind in this race. Accordingly, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation honor PM Narendra Modi with the humanitarian award as a slap on the wrist of all those victims having suffered and enduring pain and agony throughout Narendra Modi’s political tenure.

Last but not the least, the muslim states – Maldives to Middle East viz. UAE and Saudi Arabia awarding Mr. Narendra Modi despite the plight of muslims in Kashmir and all over India under Chief Minister and Prime Minister Narendra Modi could only be happening in the world of politics where to each their own only matters.

What happens to the rest consequential to such phony accolades and titles is typically designated as the fate of the unfortunate.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi step down from power along with your party Chief Amit Shah and spare the nation as well as Sanatana Dharma from further misery and embarrassment.

For those countering in political class defense,

If not Modi then who?

India existed before and will continue irrespective of any regimes entry or exit from power.

None are indispensable. Neither are any exempt from Karma and individual’s karmic effects.

The world deserves optimism and opportunity for all not sinister activities designed to meander and misguide captive audience at will.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter









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