India – Politics Endangering Life

December 19, 2021

India – Politics Endangering Life

Padmini Arhant

The latest incident involving ruling BJP government Union Minister for State, Home Affairs – Ajay Mishra’s son Ashish Mishra in Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh accused of murder of four farmers and a journalist in addition to three more victims including 2 BJP workers adding to a total of eight fatalities in the gruesome voluntary manslaughter using a SUV driven by the accused in the incident.

The Indian Supreme Court directed Special Investigations Team have reported the following on the Lakhimpur Kheri Case.

The incident was a planned conspiracy. The four farmers were mowed down by the accused Ashish Mishra driving a SUV on October 3, 2021 killing four more individuals in the deliberate assault on peaceful dissenting farmers protesting the BJP’s anti-agrarian laws in the country. 

The background of the accused – Ashish Mishra is the son of Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Ajay Mishra representing the BJP ruling government. 

“The public profile of the politician is – Ajay Mishra is a Member of Parliament in the 17th Lok Sabha. He is the current Minister of State in Ministry of Home affairs, Government of India. He represents the Kheri constituency of Uttar Pradesh and is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party political party.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government cabinet minister Ajay Mishra remains intact in his position despite the serious charges against his son in Lakhimpur Kheri case. 

This is not an isolated incident related to political party members causing civilian deaths with no repercussions to their political status in a system declared a democracy. 

On February 23, 2020  – the violence erupted against non- violent peaceful assembly of citizens on Citizenship Amendment Act, the controversial CAA passed by the BJP government in New Delhi.

The peaceful demonstration with men, women and senior citizens on CAA voicing their concerns on the legislation passed by the BJP government in December 2019 turned into a major tragedy. 

The participants in this instance were attacked by unruly mob instigated by interestingly yet another Mishra, the BJP Minister Kapil Mishra remaining in power until today.

The BJP Minister Kapil Mishra on public platform in New Delhi openly threatened the peaceful protesters on CAA adding they would be dealt with harsh force.

As stated the violence against the public on anti-CAA protest resulted in 53 casualties with majority among them reported as Muslims and others were the so-called Dalits of the Hindu caste based outcasts. The severely injured in this violence range from 200-250 and 2000 or more families reportedly displaced without any compensation or rehabilitation. 

The independent fact finding committee initiated by Delhi Minorities Commission (DMC) last year in 2020 concluded the violence on February 2020 qualified as pogrom after taking into account credible public testimonies and legal course reviewed complaints filed in the aftermath of the terrible communal onslaught. 

Similarly, Pragya Singh Thakur aka Sadhvi Pragya, is an Indian politician and Member of Parliament of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). representing Bhopal  Madhya Pradesh is another member in the category of politicians with criminal record.

The BJP MP Pragya Thakur accused of terrorism in 2008 Malegaon blasts case with ongoing trial on the matter is a sitting MP in the BJP ruling party. 

On the glamor front, Indian politics’ close ties and alliance with Indian cinema and sports recruiting film and sports personalities is a common trend across the political spectrum. 

The BJP MP from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh in the Central ruling government –  bollywood star Hema Malini’s direct involvement in hit and run manslaughter on July 2nd, 2015 caused the tragic death of a three-year-old child, reportedly a passenger in the car critically damaged in the head on collision with the bollywood actress public funded Mercedes Benz on the national highway junction Agra – Jaipur that fatal night.

The injured family with a child battling for her life in the car hit by the bollywood actress’ Mercedes Benz on the highway were abandoned by the Lok Sabha MP, supposedly the political representative of Indian citizens in the Parliament.

According to eyewitnesses – the accident clearly resulted from over speed of the bollywood actress vehicle. The bollywood actress Hema Malini insisting the driver accelerate to minimize travel time landed the driver and his family in indefinite misery with the driver booked and arrested for the fatality in the accident. 

Meanwhile the bollywood actress was absolved of any wrongdoing and to add insult to injury, the actress tweeted and reported to glamor enamored media that the deceased child’s family were at fault for the fatal accident.

There was no apology or remorse from the bollywood actress BJP MP Hema Malini on this preventable civilian death and collateral loss to others’ such as the driver and family’s plight. 

Last but not the least, the Bollywood star Salman Khan’s drunken driving leading to hit and run manslaughter claiming a pedestrian’s life and several injured is treated as a freak accident due to star studded factor.

The demised pedestrian’s family losing an earning member is a legal case with no end in sight. The Bollywood star Salman Khan is provided immunity by the ruling BJP government with the court case on this issue serving as the laughing matter on judiciary process. Not to mention the apathy to victims and lifetime impact on the victims’ family. 

These evidences suffice on the politics’ attitude and actions towards public, the citizens empowering them with political power and stardom.

Obviously, the ordinary citizens’ life bear no significance or relevance to those abusing the privileged status granted by the same people as electorate and audience in the political and social theater. 

Until today none of these individuals implicated and involved in these crimes with fatalities have been affected in terms of their political and celebrity status.

The political parties faking their pledge to defend average citizens on campaign trail continue to enjoy political impunity with no harm to their powerful disposition despite the latter harming and hurting public with no legal, political or social ramifications on crimes committed at will.

In the assessment of ethical, moral and humanitarian grounds, the question is appropriate.

Who needs such people endangering life with no regrets?

The worst of all them as chief representatives in politics and entertainment remain the existential threat to general public safety and well being.

The RSS run political party BJP with these members as their representatives is conveniently resigned to do nothing policy. 

Contrarily, the fundamentalist ideology rescue these individuals’ criminality with religious shroud chanting Jai Sri Ram, a blasphemous trait without a shadow of doubt in the contemporary tradition.

The only option and alternative is for the citizens as voters to remove them from office through ballots and reject politics proved detrimental to republic security. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 


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