India – PM Narendra Modi’s Failures in Every Frontier

June 1, 2020

India – PM Narendra Modi’s Failures in Every Frontier

Padmini Arhant

Prime Minister Narendra Modi installed by internal and external forces representing undemocratic unscrupulous dealings leaning towards expressed Fascism confirmed via intolerance to legitimate concerns on dysfunctional governance and colossal failures in every frontier diligently follow international masters’ cowardly tactics using own proxies and pawns for attacks at every opportunity is deplorable.

The head of the government on public funded payroll with privileges accompanied by array of taxpayer bankrolled services not to mention advisers at disposal, incapable of meeting even the lowest expectation bare evidence on incompetence and cluelessness on all matter.

The tragedy is the government headed by PM Narendra Modi despite all comforts and conveniences miserably flunking in performance merit resignation from the official post as premier.

Indian government and groveling media of all types epitomizing corruption and criminality not barring promiscuity in dalliance with the evil controlling global politics and affairs are predominantly responsible for status quo.

The nefarious activities of the organized crime syndicates ominously depict the beginning of the end of sinister secret society and representatives falling flat on their face in their futile and failed efforts deploying crony sycophant media, the diverse media otherwise unemployable, worthless and useless in any norm speak volume on secret society, the international criminal clique fait accompli. 

PM Narendra Modi is accountable to 1.3 billion population on the systemic failure of his government in drowning the economy to the point of no return, incapacitated in containing the deadly infectious corona virus imported from neighbor China among other consumer goods from a match stick to Sardar Patel Statue are mere examples of Narendra Modi’s disastrous so-called 1.0 and 2.0 terms in office.

So much for Narendra Modi’s dubious Make in India, Be vocal for local slogan not necessarily applying to the government defaulting on all issues as in this respect.

Above all, Narendra Modi”s personal overtures and overarching appeasement towards authoritarian counterpart Xi Jinping of China reciprocal gesture with aggressive incursions surrounding India all around the border with troops and military armament clarifies India’s leadership crises.

China CCP’s Xi Jinping, yet another secret society member exalted by western powers and multinational companies for vested interests pointing the sword at them threatening global peace and security is a major embarrassment and testimony on the real enemies of humanity at large.

The world in lock down buckling to ruthless regimes fostered and nurtured by conglomerate colluding and complicit in manufacturing pandemics consuming lives and costing livelihoods in epic proportion justifiably on the brink of collapse reaping what they sowed all along to establish false fraudulent hegemony.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

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