India – Outgoing Narendra Modi Government Reliance on Terror & Terrorism

April 18, 2019

India – Outgoing Narendra Modi Government Reliance on Terror & Terrorism

Padmini Arhant

The outgoing government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi reliance on terror and terrorism as last resort is a losing battle for any contender having exhausted political tactics to evade real issues affecting electorate lives in the struggle for survival.

RSS backed BJP government under outgoing PM Narendra Modi assault on religions, deities and divinity is least surprising since the cadre’s fanatical ideology delineated in Hindutva doctrine.

The political faction i.e. BJP and representatives having never had any reverence to Hindu religion or Hinduism let alone respect for other faiths bear no relevance in contemporary charade only revealing BJP and RSS desperate strategy premised on trio terror maxims and they are;

Saffron terror recruiting terror operatives clad in robes

Political terror epitomized by then Chief Minister turned Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with companion, confidante and chief Amit Shah through demonetization, citizenship act threatening to throw targeted demography in the Bay of Bengal besides characterizing Hindus, Muslims, Christians and anyone found undesirable that is almost overwhelming population as termites explains incumbency’s debilitating condition evolving into terminal illness.

The third category is authority facilitating terror attacks against defense force and civilians for political gains in the contentious election.

In terms of civility towards women and womanhood the matter rests in the caretaker PM Narendra Modi abandonment of his spouse since marriage. The one who deserts the next of kin could hardly be dependable for empathy to strangers despite them being citizens of the country and importantly the electorate with a mandate to serve barring prejudice and communal hatred rife in current political establishment.

The diatribe and tirade between political contestants might have attracted mild reprimand from election commission. Nonetheless, the media bias towards chosen political factions or against those nuanced continues unabated fomenting polarization aimed at rating i.e. TRP.

The film industry actresses representing major political parties at national and regional level performing to the script is expected without any shadow of doubt. However, in this context BJP contestants interjecting religion and Bollywood dialogue is impulsive as witnessed in Jaya Prada’s reference to her rival Azam Khan as Dhanav or demon and vowing to annihilate the candidate with authority from goddess is as reprehensible as the latter’s repeat misogyny towards the former equally qualifying for suspension of her campaign and further actions by election commission.

Similarly, the election commission’s latest default extending favoritism to the candidate Narendra Modi seeking re-election by punishing those involved in their duty – IAS officer on election duty suspended for checking PM Narendra Modi’s chopper is election commission’s direct violation of free and fair election.

The electoral process is to exempt none above law unlike several instances granting outgoing PM Narendra Modi and colleague Amit Shah free pass under special protective group (SPG) that should be no longer effective considering the voting underway.

Accordingly, misuse of power appears to be the norm for caretaker PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah hiding behind VIP status in defiance of election rules and procedure. 

Lok Sabha elections 2019: Odisha election observer suspended by EC for checking vehicle in PM Modi’s convoy

A Karnataka-cadre Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer has been suspended for checking a vehicle in the convoy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mohammed Mohsin, a 1996-batch IAS officer, was suspended on Tuesday after he checked the vehicle in Sambalpur, where the PM addressed an election rally.

As if these are not enough to cast shadow on the exiting government and leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, more controversy surface posing legitimate questions with muted response from election commission against the caretaker Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his colleague Amit Shah’s suspicious activities accelerated as the chips start falling in their flawed attempts to sway voters by adopting Machiavellian politics of end justifying the means.


Election Commission of India

“Probe Mysterious Black Box from Modi’s Helicopter”


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