India – Introspection and Reform

November 16, 2021

India – Introspection and Reform

Padmini Arhant

Indian politics, media variety and the controversial contentious film industry, the three combined engaged in incessant virulent personal attacks and bizarre innuendoes is a wanton venture.

Instead, the three fields predominantly responsible for status quo in economy, social, political and national security crises beginning with introspection and necessary reform is the urgent need of the hour.

The trio funded with illegal money ranging from tax evasions, embezzlement, drug money to sex and flesh trade, human trafficking, extortions of all kinds are the norm. The corruption and criminality in politics, media and entertainment being real and not confined to cinematic versions suffice self-indignation and incrimination with the rich, famous and powerful exploiting others with political and social immunity.

The burning desire to be the news however might be the order. The trio focus on relevant responsibilities and tasks would rather benefit the field and the victims – i.e. the public forced to endure the cheap stunts and theatrics as the only survival and sustenance further confirm the precipitous decline within and overall.

The material starved politics, entertainment and media have plenty to dig into own inventory on corruption scandals and scathing profiles of the (in)famous and powerful in power whether past or present.

The world might be familiar with material theft such as cash, jewelry, property, land and grand larceny. The intellectual property, patents and creative arts piracy and plagiarism are yet another kind for the desperate and parasitic legions declaring incompetence devoid of originality and talent.

The contemporary practice to steal somebody’s life and unpaid hard work claiming proprietorship for power, fame and fortune mimicking the gestures and lifestyle is unprecedented and beneath human value. 

Interestingly, the ravenous participation is prevalent among those regarded the powerful, influential and prominent members in their field and public domain.

Imitation for personal interests might be flattery and the imitation without due credit is forgery.  

Nonetheless, imitation will always remain the artificial and superficial never matching or comparable to the genuine and bona fide. 

The trend hijacking the target’s personal life and unauthorized unethical swap with whomsoever is not without consequence. The ongoing blowbacks in such insolent indulgence with serious karmic effects realized by many in fatal obsession is a poignant lesson.

Besides, the involvement is aimed at tarnishing the target and varnishing the embarrassing image and legacy of those assuming the alter ego albeit in vain. The message is applicable to activities in the newly invented tradition in the past thirteen years or so.

Lastly, the trio insisting this site only discuss about them and nothing else or none other to dominate publicity is unfortunate and unwelcome. The plethora of issues and topics world wide merit attention and due recognition that are significant to this site and commitments in fair coverage of events and current affairs.

The presumptuous extraordinary and privileged following the so-called ordinary and average in society to live own life with self-respect, dignity and authenticity regardless might serve the purposeful existence.

There is a distinction in newsworthiness for positive or negative reasons. Needless to say the former is the best choice and paradigm especially in setting precedence in the present and future.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter


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