India – Indian Democracy Litmus Test

August 18, 2021

India – Indian Democracy Litmus Test  

Padmini Arhant

India Reacts to Status Quo


यह क्या हुआ? कैसे हुआ? कब हुआ? क्यों हुआ?

अब यह तो सोचने वाली बात हो गयी ।

जनता जनार्दन ने बरसाये अपने अंगारे । यह तो होना ही था।

कभी भी आम जनता को कमज़ोर नहीं समझना चाहिए । ना ही उन्हें ठुकराना चाहिए।

यह बात नेता या अभिनेता को समझना चाहिए ।

अब आयी बात समझ में?

कच्चे और पक्के खिलाड़ी को भी समय और करम के सामने झुकना पड़ता है । यही है प्रकृति के नियम। जिसके आगे किसी की मर्ज़ी नहीं चलती ।

हर हर महादेव ! जय माँ दुर्गा !

जय श्री राम !

Har Har Mahadev!  Jai Ma Durga! 

Jai Sri Ram!


Prime Minister Narendra Modi – the head of the ruling political party and BJP government is the first authority in Indian politics to have never held a press conference in the seven years of ruling the nation.

In other words, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has successfully evaded the open public press conference since assuming power as the head of the government in 2014 up until now.

In contrast, PM Narendra Modi’s previous and latest appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January 2021 confirms the solidarity with behind the scenes operatives on global affairs.

While PM Narendra Modi judiciously complies with World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland initiated and implemented Great Reset targeting global finance and economic activities exclusively favoring core stakeholders in the global market share,

The Indian PM Narendra Modi unable to address public grievances and disapproval of the incumbent’s performance is a major impediment in a democracy.

PM Narendra Modi’s pledge to World Economic Forum agenda was also forthcoming and diligently carried out through demonetization in 2016 under false pretext of retrieving black money.

The irony in this context is PM Narendra Modi holding black money in Swiss Bank account and leading the rest of the account holders from India in black money hoarding.

PM Narendra Modi dropped hints in the recent Independence Day speech on August 15, 2021 in reference to India’s preparedness to follow the secret society run New World Order in the present and post pandemic. The notation in the speech was perhaps the PM Narendra Modi’s signal to New World Order authority on India’s willingness and readiness to obey instructions from them.

Above all, PM Narendra Modi also mentioned in the speech about imminent cash circulation reduction without divulging any further details on this important issue.

However, it is imperative for the vast population in India surviving on cash economy in the formal and informal sectors to know about this inevitable change that would drastically impact their existence especially in the absence of viable alternatives for the cash wage earners on daily wage unlike any regular income households in the economy.

Among many secretive sinister activities hidden in Great Reset from the World Economic Forum, eliminating cash economy and substituting with options that are yet to be revealed to the world besides the existing cash replacements like debit, credit cards and crypto currency is critical information for the public.

In the cancel culture era with social media censorship in dismissal of democratic principles and values on free speech, truth and factual data, the public concerted efforts to remain informed is paramount to avert irreversible consequences now and in the near future.

PM Narendra Modi once again in the front line synonymous to 2016 demonetization debacle to execute World Economic Forum’s policy removing cash transactions is a serious venture.

The repeat engagement ignoring cataclysmic financial and economic effects on the majority of Indian population still experiencing grueling economic and pandemic crises is egregious and merit general public attention. The citizens exercising the democratic rights to question the Indian government’s precise action in this regard is fundamental and relevant.

On the other hand, the Indian government failure to disclose the facts and decisions on containing cash economy in adherence to World Economic Forum’s controversial Great Reset would serve as the litmus test on India’s political system as a democracy let alone the world’s largest democracy.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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