India – General Election 2014

April 25, 2014

By Padmini Arhant

Indian general election is underway with final outcome expected in Mid May 2014.

The two major political parties – the outgoing UPA 2 headed by the Congress party chief Sonia Gandhi and family and,

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) – the NDA together with regional partners seek re-election to retain control in the Indian political system.

Last but not the least is the introduction of the so-called Common Man Party (AAP) to discredit recommendation on this website for genuine mainstream political party.

The suggestion was made to offset prevalent plutocracy comprising celebrities, industrialists and political dynasty dominance deriving exclusive gains against national and republic interest.

The common man party with broom as mascot implies sly response to  remark (again on this website) to clean up widespread corruption in India.

Such choice not only confirm the lack of seriousness in public service but also slight average citizens and middle class plight.

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal – previously employed in Income Tax department is Congress nominee with hegemony sponsorship evident in campaign donations, political posturing and media promotion for the affiliate. 

The relationship was formalized equivalent to tying the nuptial knots following the Delhi State Assembly election when AAP forged alliance with Congress to form government.  

Subsequently AAP government resigned from power in Delhi State Assembly abandoning Delhi administration and electorate analogous to stood up bride with the distinction here being deserted by the groom with the broom at the marriage ceremony. 

AAP leadership and associates are now on pilgrimage to the Holy City Varanasi perhaps on Kasi Yatra!  – the journey often considered by those contemplating Sanyas or renunciation of worldly life although in this instance it might be retirement from politics. 

Hopefully Kasi voyage is enlightening for AAP members and poet Kumar Viswas in particular in understanding Kasinath – the Visweshwar – God Shiva.

There are further revelations on Congress organized India against corruption (IAC) in 2011 with core members – Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal and Shanti Bhushan participation apparently to disqualify and derail authentic demand for effective anti-corruption law or Jan Lokpal bill encompassing Right to Recall among various other important measures that are required for political reform.

Accordingly, the IAC committee representatives owe valid explanation to the people and the nation at large having raised false hopes on graft legislation while the reality confirm collusion with political establishment and hegemony.

The desperate maneuvers from Congress to win third term considering the sharp decline in popularity due to soaring inflation, unemployment, numerous scandals, land scam deals and refusal on accountability in black money held in Swiss bank, Singapore, Dubai and several overseas tax haven and shelter clarify subversion for political salvation.

Similarly, the opposition BJP also shares controversial involvement at the regional and national level viz. the state of Karnataka and Rajasthan besides inaction to implement meaningful corruption remedy and investigation on tax evasion alluding to complicity with incumbency.

The security lapse conspicuous in the rampant crimes against women and terror attacks in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore in the past three years notwithstanding allegations on members of armed forces deployed in northeastern states and Kashmir regarding abuse of special immunity shielding offenders from inquiry.

State interference at hegemony behest leading to the death of rape victim in New Delhi demonstrated disrespect for ordinary citizens life while other prominent members making mockery of victim and family pain and misery exemplified callousness ignoring ill consequences via bad karma.

Likewise UPA2 i.e. Congress response to anti-corruption rally in June 2011 authorizing excess force against unarmed and peaceful civilians not even sparing children, women and elders contributed to casualty with the demise of female attendee Rajbala and many severely injured in the violent crackdown.

Not to mention the shooting incident in coastal Kerala involving Italian marines Massimiliano Lattore and Salvatore Girone show the innocent fishermen lives are dispensable to the state and national leadership.

Hegemony influence and authority over Indian politics and economy substantially increased in the last decade. 

The intervention undermines sovereignty rendering electoral mandate mere catharsis to legitimize the illegitimate proxy rule.

Furthermore the intrusion went beyond tradition bypassing the central government in New Delhi when U.S. former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held direct meetings with the State Chief Ministers Mamata Banerjee of West Bengal and Jayalalitha of Tamil Nadu to prove foreign discretion in discarding protocol.

The syndicate presence in India through communication media and entertainment industry for propaganda and misinformation intended to malign dissent on treason and mass deception.

Also included in the strategy is identity theft ascribing character to undeserving and contrarily for insinuations and enactments to stymie original entities in the divine mission.

Indian political structure nationwide premised on the next of kin succession to mantle of power defy democracy. 

The alternative factions ruling states for decades exploit voter dilemma to choose between equally contentious options converting the situation mandatory rather than accessibility to viable representation.

The speculation on the current election is the possibility for coalition in the absence of absolute majority by any party. 

The betting is on Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee, Jayalalitha of Tamil Nadu or former CM Mayawati of Uttar Pradesh even though all three of them like their counterparts carry excess political baggage pertaining to administrative negligence, corruption charges and misuse of power.

Indian political class with the rich, famous, royalty  and dynasty safeguard own ambitions for wealth, power and prestige. 

As a result the remaining 99% population deprived of fair political and economic opportunity reflective in the staggering number forced into abject poverty, hunger and disease.

Additionally the lower and middle-income categories are faced with economic struggles along side nepotism in both politics and work force. 

The economically affluent could always serve the nation without being on taxpayer funded position, perks and privileges for that would determine individual integrity and selfless commitment to worthy cause.

Then there is hierarchy in caste, creed and diverse segregation with assertion from the self-proclaimed highest caste to appoint a member amongst untouchables for the key post in politics as a token of their magnanimity – a trait emulating colonial era.

Ironically such condescendence only highlights inherent flaws in human nature and the source indulgence in self-degradation.

The former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and Telegu Desam Party (TDP) leader Chandra Babu Naidu declared that the backward class member Krishnaiah would be the Chief Minister of the newly created Telangana state upon TDP emergence to power.

The ex-chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandra Babu Naidu overture perhaps emanates from massive suicides of farmers in the southern state during the term in office with the leadership prioritizing foreign ventures like Monsanto entry in agriculture business that led to tragic ending in the farming community unable to afford losses in the systemic misrepresentation by multinational corporation.

Relevantly, Congress unsuccessful attempts to implement the foreign direct investment (FDI) inviting the biggest retailer Wal-Mart and alike now pursued by BJP with the prime ministerial candidate Narender Modi touting support for the policy claiming to boost employment and economic growth.

Instead the political party intensive program to recover black money and offshore bank account holdings would exceed any foreign investment thereby protecting domestic retail industry and facilitating economic achievements in the immediate future. 

On the nuclear power plant project in Koodankulam, Tamil Nadu – the central and state authorities  typical reaction towards citizens on hunger strike is yet another example of politics loyalty to hegemony.

In foreign policy – Pakistan and China are regarded the problems based on territorial disputes, incursions and cross border tensions not barring militancy, Maoism and terror infiltration engaged in killing of Indian soldier such as decapitation in disguise – wearing Pakistani army uniform across the line of control (LOC) in Kashmir.

The events related to China are no different from skirmishes in the South and East China Sea together with United States pivot Asia stratagem and Korean peninsula heightened threats exacerbating regional security.

China economic status unfortunately is exalted in territorial annexation and arguably counterproductive for the nation dependent on neighbor and overseas market to maintain the manufacturing stronghold and productivity.

Hence, China’s recognition for India and other nations’ territorial integrity is critical for mutually beneficial economic trade and multifaceted dealings in the largest continent – Asia.

Whereas Pakistan is confronted with terror within the country and along borders adjoining Afghanistan, Iran, Bangladesh and India. 

The reason behind Pakistan inability to contain terrorism is Saudi Arabia financing different terror networks and billion dollar monetary aid to Pakistan government, military as well as ISI personnel.

Moreover, decapitation is Saudi dynasty signature terror act witnessed in the kingdom and Saudi government recruited mercenaries in Syria.

The political, defense and intelligence apparatus bear collective responsibility to address burgeoning security crisis in Pakistan and adjacent areas in the Indian sub continent.

Pakistan perseverance to eliminate terror could eventually guarantee citizens safety inside and outside the country.  The accomplishment would enable Pakistan to forge better relations with all  shedding the reputation as failed state or terror refuge.

Simultaneously cash flow from Saudi Arabia and Ford foundation in the ongoing Indian election to the common man party (AAP), Congress, BJP and other political contenders appears to be open secret to preserve corruption culture in the convoluted version of free and fair election.

In conclusion India’s largest electorate an estimated 815 million casting ballots to elect political parties pledged allegiance to foreign conglomerate favoring power inheritance as entitlement and ideology in concurrence with polarization concept epitomize subjugation reviving the need for real independence and inclusive democratic rule.

Best Wishes to India for transformational progress touching the lives of the forgotten, forbidden and forlorn in the society.

Jai Bharat!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



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