India – China Aggression

September 1, 2020

India – China Aggression

Padmini Arhant

Indian Defense Force personnel raise legitimate questions to Indian government and political factions on status quo.


Politics failure in addressing chronic economic situation, pandemic viz. COVID 19 spikes and above all serious lapses in safeguarding national security evident in China’s aggression in Indian frontiers is reflected in armed personnel struggles and casualties in hostile environment. 

Notwithstanding politics exploiting preventable attacks on armed forces in Indian borders is barely the concern for the so-called fourth column news media and press corps of the supposedly world’s largest democracy prioritizing sports personalities and entertainment industry members’ deaths sensationalized in national media. 

Indians experiencing immense suffering and misery due to drastic economic, health and national security crises rising to the occasion seeking appropriate actions from government is urgent requirement to alleviate citizens plight.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





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