India – Caste Stereotype

July 12, 2017

India – Caste Stereotype

By Padmini Arhant

I, Padmini Arhant formally submit my application to the government of India for compensation on concession, quotas and financial aid not availed by me that are provided to Dalits – the segment regarded outcast in Indian society.

Since I wasn’t Dalit then when I was growing up in India making me ineligible for any minority benefits, the political decision designating me as Dalit by Indian political establishment at their international masters’ behest is acrimony similar to attributing the Delhi rape victim tragedy to me as Nirbhaya (meaning fearless) by declining to disclose the victim’s real name despite the victim’s parents request to refer to their daughter by her given name  The episode sequence presented by Britain’s BBC funded and produced documentary titled India’s daughter depict the rape victim at fault in the apparently female directed film.

I regard the insensitive treatment of me appropriately fitting the demand for fairness and equality in reference and acknowledgment of my inalienable individual right.

The modification in conduct or otherwise would confirm India’s democracy. In a real democracy, all are equal unlike the archaic caste segregation exploited by political class in the fierce power grab contest defining India’s political system to be anything but democratic altering the sovereign status into vassal statehood.

On the educational front, degrees and scholastic achievements perhaps enhance career prospects and boost membership opportunity in elite clubs.  However, the invaluable asset in life is unyielding virtue and selflessness developed and sustained with or without major qualifications.

Is it possible for behavioral change in society with rise to fame, fortune and power dependent on opportunism?

As long as limits and reservations exist denying anyone classified as inferior and alternatively favoring those for reasons not serving the actual purpose the essence of meritocracy is null and void.

India abandoning caste structure that remains a stigma on diverse culture beginning with elimination in political discourse, communication media and social interaction would reflect any overall progress.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission




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