India – People Power Prevails in Democracy

August 16, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Indian government honorable decision to release the civil society leader Shri Anna Hazare and the team including many citizens arrested prior to peaceful assembly is welcome and deeply appreciated.

Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh, cabinet ministers, leaders in political opposition, Delhi police and others involved are further requested to expedite the process with written assurance on constitution guaranteed individual rights to remain intact not barring peaceful and non-violent event.

Considering government procrastination and unsuccessful negotiations between civil society and the government appointed committee on Lokpal bill,

Shri Anna Hazare could perhaps be seeking the authority’s non-intervention with the scheduled fasting in New Delhi.

However, the incumbent administration could deal with the issue by setting a date within this week to discuss and decide on the Lokpal bill followed by legislation in the monsoon session.

Since the ruling power must organize through the Lokpal committee for presentation in Parliament, all party cooperation is essential to pass the bill.

Any delay from political class regardless of incumbency would decelerate legislation causing public anger and frustration leading to law and order crisis.

It is in citizens’ and national interest to move forward with a genuine commitment from various political factions to eradicate corruption across the spectrum.

Failure to meet obligations on Lokpal bill would revive the civil society movement in an unprecedented scale enabling people power to succeed in the national mission by rejecting obstructive sources in 2014 elections.

Given the national fervor on widespread corruption, it would be a tremendous political cost for lack of co-operation in the anticipated robust anti-corruption law.

Shri Anna Hazare and esteemed members in the team are requested to return to negotiation for a meaningful and solid Lokpal bill addressing the corruption and tax evasion culture in the society.

The government and political leaderships in Parliament bear equal responsibility in passing the historic legislation for the present and future generation.

Government attempts to quell dissent or disintegrate civil society gathering with overwhelming security personnel would be deviation from democratic system.

Lokpal and Lokyukta structures are paramount to regain national wealth for domestic investments.

Citizens must seriously engage in forming the Lokpal political party at the center and Lokyukta in the state to serve the people in the country.

This would pose an imminent challenge for existing political parties to consider reform within and outside their domain.

Congratulations! To all citizens in India and overseas for the unity in strengthening democracy with people power.

Shri Anna Hazare and respectable members in the team demonstrated resolve despite extreme circumstances upon them.

The struggle must continue until the loopholes free satisfactory Lokpal bill becomes the law of the land.

Good Luck! To all on Lokpal bill and Lokpal political party to restore Loktantra (republic rule) in the society.

Jai Hind!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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