India – Anti-Corruption Law and No Confidence Vote Motion

December 29, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The UPA derailment of Parliamentary process in the upper house i.e. Rajya Sabha on Jan Lokpal bill following deliberation and opposition parties amendments to strengthen the long awaited anti-corruption legislation is condemnable prompting winter session extension for ruling on monumental national issue concerning 1.2 billion lives.

In the live broadcast of the important legislative discourse,

The UPA ally RJD members at Congress Party Chief behest filibustering the bill passage and,

Subsequently Congress Party Ministers viz. Telecommunication Minister Kapil Sibal abrupt disruption declaring winter session conclusion just prior to ruling on Jan Lokpal confirms UPA trepidation on effective Jan Lokpal to eradicate corruption epidemic originating from political power.

UPA ministers and RJD performance overriding Parliamentary rule and Chair authority in direct violation of Parliamentary procedure are impeachable.

The unprecedented event evolving into chaos beyond reproach undermines national sovereignty.

Evidently UPA resistance towards Jan Lokpal in the past eighteen months claiming innocent life, imprisonment of peaceful and non-violent activists against corruption and last but not the least –

The autocratic imposition of Lokpal bill in Loksabha i.e. the lower house rejecting oppositions and civil society amendment requirements,

Not barring submissions from UPA significant allies – providing life support to remain in power is contradictory to Parliamentary protocol,

Besides exhibiting disdain and utter disregard for electorates’ representation in Parliament.

Parliament sanctity subjected to assault with UPA and RJD leaderships unruly conduct clearly demonstrates the destructive course to prevent Jan Lokpal emergence as the bastion to curtail corruption in the society.

The opposition’ account of Rajya Sabha – the upper house discussion on corruption bill transformed into mayhem solidifies unanimous disappointment and grave concern for Indian democracy.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh slighting the major opposition leader Arun Jaitley’s request to intervene in Parliament session revival for ruling is suggestive of UPA 2 pre-determined position to bury Jan Lokpal bill.

Based on congress led UPA government undemocratic policies since Jan Lokpal inception until now,

The opposition leaders from all parties as democratically elected officials are urged to reconvene Rajya Sabha and stand united in passing formidable Jan Lokpal incorporating civil society proposals and various relevant amendments from different factions in Parliament aimed at strengthening the bill –

Contributing to exemplary moral and ethical institution in Jan Lokpal to curb burgeoning corruption.

UPA government under Congress authority being a minority in Rajya Sabha dictating terms is unconstitutional and,

Instead obligatory to honor the majority approved bill addressing public requirements in totality.

Any procrastination would clarify Congress Party sincerity or the lack thereof in uprooting corruption within and outside political domain.

Failure to cooperate in Parliamentary proceedings for ruling on Jan Lokpal would lead to oppositions’ necessary actions –

Moving forward with amended Jan Lokpal in Rajya Sabha.

Motion for no confidence vote against Congress Party controlled UPA.

Parliamentary inquiry against legislators Sonia Gandhi, P.Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal, Veerappa Molly, Lalu Prasad, MoS Parliamentary Affairs Minister Narayanasamy and affiliates implicated in myriad national scandals.

Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh holding the highest position in administration is constitutionally bound to deliver the pledge defending republic and national interest over internal or external influence.

UPA under Congress Party has lost credibility and integrity to continue in power.

The opportunity for UPA 2 damage control is available in accepting responsibility with humility and abiding by the constitutional law enacting Jan Lokpal bill per Parliamentary propriety.

Hopefully rationality would prevail among Congress Party leaderships to relinquish Jan Lokpal demolition through misguided intrusion in Parliamentary affairs.

The public expectation is on BJP and other oppositions to prove reliability in passing robust Jan Lokpal bill this winter session and restore republic governed democracy.

In anticipation of successful Jan Lokpal legislation, the nation as the largest democracy awaits Parliament resumption to complete voting on revised Jan Lokpal bill in Rajya Sabha.

Jai Bharat!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
































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