September 23, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Set on the trail towards precipice

Overwhelmed with negative vice

Actions cold as ice

Decline noble advice

From within the conscience voice


Steadfast in pursuing demise

Respect none not even the wise

Seek power and dominance in disguise

Denying rest the right to rise

Then failure is no surprise!


Peace and harmony never the choice

Pain and agony the preferred sacrifice

Using fear, terror and rumor as device

Chasing dreams not meant to realize

Feigning satisfaction is perhaps the prize!


Constantly strive to polarize

Discreetly meet to strategize

Divide and conquer declared democratize

Derivations from deprivation upheld revitalize

Defiance lead self-righteousness pulverize


Deeds determine destiny being the price

Humility, compassion and integrity would suffice

Celebrate life through service and rejoice

May freedom and tranquility entice

In conclusion, illusion the imaginary slice.



Padmini Arhant
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More at The Real News


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