Illuminati – The U.S. Political Game and Presidential Election 2012

August 22, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

United States Presidential election is an interesting challenge to electorate confronted with choices from two political parties directly under hegemony control.

With leading candidacies from both sides expected to demonstrate formidability in enforcing globalists’ agenda,

The contest between least desirable and least reliable in terms of national and public interest is the repeat dilemma for voters every election proving the democratic exercise farcical.

Whom should the people reject is the poignant question?

Arguably the forces behind political apparatus especially with United States Supreme Court verdict favoring corporations in Citizens United trial legalized floodgates in campaign contributions reserving candidate loyalty to the highest bidder eventually being part of nexus conglomerate orchestrating global events.

Who are these entities that nominate candidacy in the two parties political farces pledged to serve global masters excoriating earth for every available resource to benefit the exclusive?

They are none other than Oligarchy, Monarchy, Religious order and core illuminati membership…from pyramid apex right down to hierarchical stature claiming prerogative in the selection and final approval as witnessed in 2008 election campaign with democrat and republican Presidential nominees attending Bilderberg meeting seeking ominous blessing to represent them.

The real authority focused on global dominance with United States instrumental in militaristic, logistic, economic and political support much to national detriment successfully usurped power rendering democracy into hypocrisy.

Furthermore, the prevalent plutocracy with individualistic aims derived from common ideology – one world government fervor behind global status quo premised on military options and economic policy benefitting the architects of manufactured crises predominantly maintains supreme status with grand impunity in crimes against humanity.

In this context, the political leaderships adeptness to deliver corporatists and demagoguery demands slight constituents on campaign promises invariably remaining a mere rhetoric.

The current political dynamics in the United States deftly organized by global power to maximize victory against all odds confirms the illusive duality through two political factions essentially resulting in original concept – the establishment of New World Order.

One party positioned far right and right of center i.e. Conservatism and Libertarianism via Presidential and Vice Presidency openly committed to Wall Street and military spending irrespective of VP led libertarian policy echoing big government redundancy.

While the other disguised as main street party evidently satisfying NWO eligibility criteria in every respect transforming democratic nation into a police state, misleading public on domestic policies with real beneficiary being campaign financiers and lobbyists in closed chamber deals,

Notwithstanding AIPAC as well as other external sources influence surpassing predecessor in aggressive foreign policy – warfare, coup d’état, provocative military incursions on sensitive zones around the world.

Since the incumbent usually evaluated on performance track record – the four years with 2009 and 2010 represented by democrat majority in the House, Senate and executive branch could have fulfilled political base and legitimate national requirements such as –

Single payer health care plan, Constitutional amendment on Supreme Court decision related to corporate donations legislating strictly to public finance with expenditure limit.

Financial reform with banking regulations conforming to contemporary straits blocking loopholes for circumvention and consequences on violations similar to average citizen experience upon default,

Improving mortgage situation, eliminating credit crunch attributed to small business and manufacturing sector struggle, job growth in private industry other than government agencies generated underemployment –

All these measures implemented through legislation could have considerably alleviated unemployment, housing market, health care…problems faced by American families across the spectrum.

Allowing Bush tax cuts expiry to enable progressive tax structure revision for 1% wealthiest fair share tax payments rather than offshore tax havens and,

Congressional bills stifling disproportionate advantage facilitated on government contracts to legislators campaign donors and Wall Street speculative practices in finance, energy and other industry contributing to volatility along with shortage – are some core issues that could have been addressed effectively under democrat auspice.

Above all, the troop expansion in Afghanistan in 2009 – 2010 instead of troop withdrawal and broadening military operations under the guise of war on terror carried out during democrat controlled congress.

Not to mention the executive branch nonchalant extra judicial executions including political destabilization overseas with toppling governments in the past four years under the so-called democrat administration outperformed previous legacy to impress cabal.

Even though the scenario would be no different under republican management considering precedence in 2000 – 2008 revealing the reality on both political parties subjugation by global cartel,

The globalists preferred choice is extension of current political rule given the conciliatory response and preparedness to move forward with pre-determined goals in the domestic and international front primarily dedicated to empowerment of few and enslavement of the rest.

Besides, second term or re-election emboldens team to reject dissent in the absence of electoral backlash and accountability.

Opposition in the race designed to concede, as the presence is a formality to convince voters of a democratic process despite behind the scenes foregone conclusion on hegemonic representation.

The distinction lies in candid and camouflaged stances adopted by republican and democrat candidacy respectively directed towards promoting anti-people power debilitating republic opportunity to resist existential threat to democracy, sovereignty
and Constitutional guidance on governance.

Unfortunately, the predicament for electorate or victims of deception is casting their ballot to NWO regardless of party affiliation with globalists firmly backing familiarity i.e. incumbency to accelerate impending plan of action.

Constitution having long been abandoned by two party political systems in the United States endangering citizens’ rights and national independence,

Mass awakening to restore liberty and rights to self-determination,

Result oriented stimulants targeting economic recovery to uplift general living standards unlike selective prosperity on collective productivity.

Youth guaranteed with a bright future through quality affordable education and dependable employment,

Ending global warfare conducted under false pretext abusing troops vulnerability,

Respecting other nations sovereignty and refraining from military intervention to boost defense stocks and supposedly strong ally ill-fated ambition,

Nuclear disarmament,

Prioritizing peace and diplomacy over belligerence,

Saving lives and habitat – are basic remedies to renew and reorganize political infrastructure.

United States once heralded beacon of democracy regrettably engaged in obstructing democratic functionality world over.

Unless politics represented by government of the people, by the people and for the people hope and change would constitute campaign gimmick to advance shadow power authoritarianism.

Additionally greed driven territorial conquest in defiance of reason and pragmatism succumb to self-destruction.

The violence from illegal invasion and occupation causing immense adversity for innocent civilians increased in the last four years signifying continuation of ideological doctrine.

Denying access to universal freedom and progress by a concentrated group should not only be denounced but unified involvement to dismantle network paramount beginning with voiding overtly or covertly sponsored contenders enforced upon people as ultimatum.

Exerting totalitarianism made possible with chosen head and designates having aptly exhibited capability to surrender will of the people and nation to unconstitutional, undemocratic and unethical course devised for privileged members gain.

Capitulation is weakness adhering to repression elevating false sense of superiority inherently feeble in dealing with coalescence.

Hence divide and conquer strategy along with massive propaganda to confuse and restrict thinking ability superficially emerge potent and again predictably submerge upon unraveling of truth accompanied by imminent failure.

U.S. Presidential election 2012 is for citizens to come together symbolically depicting stars and stripes – the Red States and Blue States as the United States in revoking tradition that has subverted national identity, constitutionality and propriety for delusional purpose.

Illuminati never deserved to exist confined to convoluted framework to rein supremacy concealing trepidation within on inevitable dissipation.

Reinstating republic governance epitomizing democratic values in the dismissal of those betraying the country and society they are elected to serve consciously and with integrity is a necessity towards individual emancipation and pursuit of happiness in the free world.

Knowledge utilized with discernment avert calamity.

Wishing wisdom and paragon of virtues jubilant triumph over flawed cyclical fundamentalism.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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