Humanity – Death Penalty Abolition

September 19, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Life is a gift to be cherished and celebrated by all.

Loss of life is traumatic and society utilizing every instance in promoting non-violence would invoke respect for life.

Human life is an opportunity to nurture and save other lives for time is the essence to make a difference in the world.

The limited life span for humanitarian service in any capacity is a blessing with the power to heal the wounded, the bereaved and the less fortunate – spreading compassion in dedication to humanity.

Life sparing actions provide occasions to reflect, review and respond to situations that otherwise are lost in the decisions to end other human being existence.

In modern times, death penalty verdict in murder trials and criminal proceedings sadly freezes the passage of period defaulting to medieval era known for inhumane practices such as life terminations at the individual or collective discretion with regrettable consequences upon extemporaneous delivery in the life and death matter.

The authorities empowered to decide on clemency or leniency plea assume unique role to either follow precedence or guide the misled in the direction of peace and reform adapting to the new millennium progress.

The erroneous executions underscoring the specific objective to grant justice to victims often burden the society with guilt and remorse due to the accused along with the family subsequently falling victim to the irreversible course preempting premature death especially –

When the accused is established innocent based on the factual evidence.

Capital punishment in settlement for another life is a setback in human relation improvement and not very effective in containing crimes within society.

The tradition espouses acrimony against harmony leaving little or no hope to succeed in deterring crime – the judicial aim in maintaining law and order.

Instead reversing the trend with community service focused on sharing the negative experiences of wrongdoings would substantially influence the potential offenders in refraining from unlawful activity.

Social structure and legal system adopting positive methods to discipline and help the incarcerated start afresh vowed to serve society constructively would enable them to build self-esteem leading others in similar situation to follow suit.

Death sentence abolition would reset human mindset in approaching social issues with result-oriented measures transcending polarizing factors to meet the economic and ethical standards in the evolutionary process.

It is sincerely hoped that the global society would consider the request to abolish unnatural death in human control demonstrating commitment to life, restoring faith in virtues serving as the moral compass alongside laws preventing criminal activities without human rights violation.

Across the globe there are many nations still upholding execution in justification of crimes involving mortalities despite the custom fostering violence contradictory to the intended message condemning the fatal act.

Death penalty represents Dark Age in human civilization and continuation in the twenty first century overcast significant accomplishments thus far.

All those individuals in death row from different parts of the world seeking pardon could perhaps be made eligible for repentance with appropriate findings in addition to pledging remaining life towards humanitarian cause and environmental protection ultimately resulting in greater good.

With prayers for goodness to pervade life,

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant










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