Human Nature

February 14, 2022

Human Nature

Padmini Arhant

Hate, prejudice, misogyny, body shaming (the latest trend in misogyny), questioning natural intelligence and all form of discrimination is unfortunately human nature. The difference being those harboring ill-feelings, jealousy and other negative traits express and exercise hatred excessively towards those whom they target and even obsessed with much to self-detriment.

When human life is wasted in such engagement, the result harm the source and origin drastically and sometimes to the point of no return.

Reiterating the fact, life is a learning center. The lessons throughout life journey is a reminder to change course accordingly. The negativities in human qualities are carcinogenic and virulent with adverse impact on the minds affecting the body and soul.

The human characteristics are drawn into likes and dislikes in many variations with the latter often transformed into extreme reaction prompting provocative and sometimes violent behavior.

These attributes emanate from ignorance and disinformation with propaganda serving the objectives to satisfy destructive thoughts and false perception.

The submission to hate, isolation and marginalization of others also stem from acute self-esteem evolving into deep insecurity raising impulsive assumptions about anyone or anything as threat in the absence of reason and rationale.

Individuals and collective forces abuse as entitlement is the tradition. The reversal educating and refining own belief and convictions with proper understanding of anyone or anything could dispel misconceptions and erroneous judgments. The process could also liberate own mindset from unnecessary inward turmoil leading to inner peace permeating outside.

The sense of powerful status while having no control over inner violations promoting harm and injury not necessarily restricted to physical attacks rather extended into denying fundamental rights and inalienable human liberty is self-contradictory.

Human form is an opportunity to rise and elevate internally developing ability to understand issues from perspective other than own that shape better relations overall. In doing so, the innate human consciousness allow positive values replacing dominant negative ones releasing the mind from captivity.

The counterproductive human nature is acquired and inherited from influence and indoctrination. The power and superiority complex intoxicate human mind driving the mental energy into spreading toxins in the environment.

In a nutshell, the power is best demonstrated not in external status as authority, affluence and prominence.  The power is well defined in maintaining the balance within averting deterioration of goodness and distinguishing right and wrong.

The biggest challenge for the stray mind is abandoning the lost cause and exploitative purpose.

The human nature adaptation to tolerance, acceptance and appreciation could make life a blessing for self and all around.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 


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