Hong Kong – National Security Law

July 8, 2020

Hong Kong – National Security Law

Padmini Arhant

China Communist Party ( CCP) implementation of National Security law in Hong Kong is counterproductive and detrimental to China though Beijing defends the action as an important measure towards protection and stability in the once autonomous peaceful Hong Kong.

The foreign media projects National Security law in Hong Kong as the end of Hong Kong.

Whereas the reality is Beijing’s hard line policy aimed at severe crack down on pro-democracy movement forcing them to abandon freedom and democracy aspirations with participants expected to face life imprisonment in the infamous black jail in mainland China or disappearance into oblivion actually hurt China more than Hong Kong’s democracy campaign.

The real question should be;

Is it the beginning of the end of China’s rise to economic power with the execution of National Security Law in Hong Kong?

That is precisely where Beijing is heading in turning the tide towards itself upsetting the applecart reflected in Beijing’s broken promise on respecting and honoring Hong Kong’s autonomy in One country two systems pledge on June 30th, 1997 assuring Hong Kong citizens and international community with Beijing’s pledge to leave Hong Kong’s political, economic and judicial independence intact.

However, Beijing miscalculating ramifications in many fronts starting with economy, political and critically international relations is the imminent setback despite fifty three nations, the majority of whom are financially indebted to China in the Belt and Road initiative and One Silk Road infrastructure and economic deals binding them to Beijing’s any proposal.

At the same time, Beijing also need to recognize that remaining nearly 150 countries in the world either not in agreement or necessarily approve the latest development in Hong Kong. The response is confirmed in their abstinence and absence from the list of 53 states support to Beijing on National Security law in Hong Kong.

When two thirds world population represented by their governments are standing by Hong Kong’s youth and other age group in their struggle for democracy, civil rights, individual freedom and complete independence,

China is isolating itself from the world in imposing laws that are against human rights and democratic principles obviously never holding any value as far as Beijing’s territorial annexations and exerting authority on sovereign states and autonomous regions are concerned with China much to loose than gain in tightening the grip on Hong Kong and encroachment on neighbors’ border and territory.

Instead Beijing prioritizing economic revival  and containing internal problems within communist politburo as well as nationwide in China is the only option to crises management unlike multi-faceted military activities pursuing hegemonic goals in South and South East Asia including political control over Hong Kong exacerbating China’s status quo.

Hong Kong’s younger generation pro-democracy quest is legitimate inalienable right that could no longer be denied or suppressed by local or external authority in and outside the island state.

The citizens’ individual rights and civil liberty are non-negotiable. The decision to seize Hong Kong’s autonomy by force and armed intervention endanger position of those authorizing such violence and undemocratic means to extend unlawful carte blanche assertion.

The road to peace and emancipation may be treacherous but those determined to reach destination never fail in their resolve especially when Hong Kong’s pro-democracy non-violent civil disobedience is a positive freedom loving endeavor preparing to sacrifice their life for present and future dignified existence in society.

Hong Kong pro-democracy rights deserve acknowledgment and affirmation with global solidarity behind brave young hearts and minds wanting to be free and independent in their domain without having to fear authorities exercising unbridled exertion of rule such as the controversial national security law.

Beijing’s withdrawal and repeal of recent maneuvers in diverse frontiers would demonstrate China’s sincerity towards peace and security that in return deliver progress and prosperity.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





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